Mercury Electric Outboard Motors: These are the Best Applications | Bass Angler Magazine

Mercury Electric Outboard Motors: These are the Best Applications | Bass Angler Magazine
Learn more about the activities you can power with an Avator electric outboard

Is it a trolling motor? How fast does it go? What kind of boat can it go on? We field all sorts of questions about what Mercury Avator electric outboards are meant to do. The short answer is that they were designed for the same thing every outboard was designed for, whether gas or battery powered. That is: having fun on the water!

But there’s more to it than that. If you’re looking for an easy way to get out on the water or just want to know if an electric outboard can help you enjoy your favorite activities, this article will help answer your questions.

What They Are and What They’re Not: Electric Outboard Basics

Let’s start by addressing some basics about our lineup of low-voltage Avator electric outboards. This includes the 7.5e, 20e and 35e models, and will soon include the 75e and 110e:

They’re not dedicated trolling motors. Though, you certainly could troll with one, just like you could troll with any Mercury outboard.
They are designed to provide primary propulsion on a wide range of boat types, from jon boats and inflatables to fishing boats and pontoons.

They’re not designed for high speeds.
They are engineered to provide an incredibly smooth, quiet boating experience. If you like to truly immerse in nature and enjoy a peaceful outdoor experience, Avator might be right for you.

They’re not designed for extreme long-range exploring.
They are optimized for efficient performance to maximize range and runtime. Plus, we designed modular and swappable battery systems so you can work with a dealer to configure a battery system with enough capacity and range to meet your needs.

7 Activities You Can Enjoy with an Electric Outboard

You can use an electric outboard for all sorts of on-water activities. Here are seven great examples:

1.       Sailing – An Avator outboard is ideally suited for powering tender boats, whether you’re using one to access a boat moored in a marina or venturing from a bigger boat to cool destinations on shore. There are no fumes and there’s no gas, so you can easily store the outboard aboard your larger boat.

2.       Fishing – Avator is a great choice for fishing, particularly on small lakes, backwaters or bodies of water where internal combustion engines are not allowed.

3.       Remote hunting adventures – With a portable 7.5e, you and a friend can pack along everything you need for a real backcountry adventure. Whether hunting, fishing or simply exploring, Avator gives you a quiet, easy way to access new waters – even without a boat ramp – and opens up gasoline engine-restricted waterways to more activities.

4.       Cruising with friends – Avator is perfect for a quiet sunset cruise on a pontoon or any small boat.

5.       Snorkeling, diving and swimming – Immerse yourself in nature, knowing that you’re minimizing your impact through sustainable boating.

6.       Wildlife viewing, photography and exploring – Get your camera and get out on the water. Avator is a great choice for slipping into remote areas to capture photos or experience wild places.

7.       Easy boating and casual recreation – Avator outboards are incredibly simple to maintain and own. So if you just want a reliable, fun way to get on the water, consider electric.

How Far Can I Go and How Long Can I Stay Out with an Electric Outboard?

Avator outboards are designed with modular battery systems or, in the case of the 7.5e, swappable batteries, so you can bring along the battery capacity you need to enjoy your favorite activities. Keep in mind that how far you can go and how long the system can run will vary based on boat, load and conditions.

Also, how you operate the outboard impacts range and runtime. In most boating situations, you won’t be running at wide-open throttle the entire time. Sometimes you’ll run at lower speeds, which extends runtime. And for applications such as fishing, you’ll be starting and stopping frequently, meaning you can spend hours fishing with Avator.

To help you better understand range and runtime based on how you operate the outboard and common activities, we’ve put together some handy resources at the links below:

Avator 7.5e applications

Avator 20e and 35e applications

Avator range data

Find an Avator Dealer

Avator 7.5 Electric Outboard

Still have questions? An Avator dealer can help. They’ll assist with choosing a boat and outboard combo that’s right for you and can handle installing the battery system for you.

Plus, now it’s even easier to find an Avator dealer using the Mercury dealer finder. When you search for Mercury dealers in your area, shops that carry Avator will be indicated by an Avator logo next to the dealership’s name. You can also narrow your search to Avator dealers only.

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