Mercury Marine Intros MerCruiser T8200 Tow Sport Inboard

Mercury Marine Intros MerCruiser T8200 Tow Sport Inboard
MerCruiser T8200
The MerCruiser T8200 is designed to power the largest watersports boats, such as those by Varatti.
Courtesy Mercury Marine

Mercury Marine, a division of Brunswick Corporation, recently introduced the all-new MerCruiser® T8200 Tow Sport inboard. The engine is built on Mercury’s successful 8.2L V8 big-block platform and includes Smart Tow® digital control systems to transform the biggest watersports boats into the ultimate adrenaline machines.

The T8200 joins the T6200 in the Tow Sport lineup, reinforcing Mercury’s commitment to providing marine propulsion solutions for all recreational boaters and activities.

“Watersports such as wake surfing continue to grow in popularity, with today’s boaters demanding bigger boats with more features and amenities,” said John Buelow, Mercury Marine president. “To deliver what boaters in this segment want and power a new generation of fun seekers, we created the T8200 Tow Sport inboard, backed by 50 years of engineering excellence that have made MerCruiser the legend it is today.”

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The T8200 Tow Sport inboard will be available with Varatti™ Z2272, Z2373 and Z2474 wake boats to complement the existing T6200. Varatti Boats, a division of Floe International, Inc., occupies a 150,000 square foot facility in Cambridge, Minnesota. Varatti boats are available with Mercury Joystick Piloting for Inboards, delivering unparalleled control.

“As a longtime Mercury partner, we are thrilled to add the T8200 Tow Sport inboard as an option on all of our Varatti Z surf boats,” said Wayne Floe, CEO of Floe International. “MerCruiser is synonymous with quiet, powerful and efficient performance, and this new engine allows our customers to power larger vessels and enjoy all of their favorite watersports with ease and confidence.”

T8200 Tow Sport inboard features include:

High-Horsepower Performance

Available in 380hp and 430hp high output models, the T8200 is built on Mercury’s successful 8.2L V8 big-block engine platform and runs on 87-octane fuel. It can handle tow sport boats up to 26 feet long.

Class-Leading Torque

Tow sport performance is all about torque, and the T8200 generates more torque than any engine in its class. The torque enhances control of heavy tow sport boats loaded with gear, ballast and people, while helping to generate surfable wake at speeds down to 8 mph. The engine is paired with a 1.73:1 gear ratio transmission that’s optimized for tow sport performance.

SmartCraft Technology

The T8200 leverages Mercury Smart Tow and Surf Control technologies to combine speed, ballast and wake management on a VesselView display. Rather than having to coordinate multiple control systems, boaters get one fully integrated, easy-to-use system from Mercury that delivers a better experience for the driver and rider.

Engine Guardian

Boaters can stay out longer with confidence knowing that the Mercury Engine Guardian system is at work. The system monitors engine performance with more than 40 sensors to detect potential problems early. If necessary, Engine Guardian automatically adjusts engine functions to help get boaters home safely.

Corrosion Prevention

MerCruiser® Tow Sport inboards feature premium corrosion-preventive technologies to help keep equipment looking and performing at its peak. The inboards are backed with an industry-leading 4-year corrosion warranty. 

More information about the T8200 Tow Sport inboard can be found here.

About Mercury Marine

Headquartered in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, Mercury Marine® is the world’s leading manufacturer of recreational marine propulsion engines. A division of Brunswick Corporation (NYSE: BC), Mercury provides engines, boats, services and parts for recreational, commercial and government marine applications. Mercury empowers boaters with products that are easy to use, extremely reliable and backed by the most dedicated customer support in the world. The company’s industry-leading brand portfolio includes Mercury outboard engines, Mercury MerCruiser® sterndrive and inboard packages, Mercury propellers, Mercury inflatable boats, Mercury SmartCraft® electronics, Land ‘N’ Sea marine parts distribution and Mercury and Quicksilver® parts and oils. More information is available at

About Varatti Boats

Headquarters in McGregor, Minnesota, Varatti Boats by Floe Craft is a division of Floe International, Inc. Floe International, established in 1983 operates just over 300,000 square feet of manufacturing of Boats, Trailers, Docks, Lifts and Accessories in McGregor, Hoyt Lakes, and Cambridge, Minnesota. Varatti is the vision of CEO Wayne Floe, with a goal of designing and engineering the highest performing multi-sport luxury towboat. The new Varatti Z-Series boats, represent a lifelong dedication to watersports and commitment to innovation and a passion for designing products that make life more rewarding and enjoyable for our customer. Our passion to invent a better way drives everything we do.

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