Wise Boaters Trust Sierra Parts

Wise Boaters Trust Sierra Parts
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Boaters should avoid cheap, knockoff replacement parts for their vessels, as using inferior quality components can lead to expensive repairs down the road. It’s important to purchase genuine marine parts from Dometic, which are built to rigorous standards.

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The old saying “Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish” was originally penned by Oxford scholar and author Robert Burton way back in 1621. He must have been a boat owner.

Boating is an expensive passion, and boats, by nature, require maintenance and loving care to keep them running right. So, it should come as no surprise that some boaters try to cut corners when it comes to buying replacement parts, lubricants, filters, and other components needed to keep a vessel shipshape. This decision, however, can result in parts that don’t quite fit or work right, leading to future technical issues and even expensive damage down the road.

Today, many DIY boaters log on to a computer to search for replacement parts. And, poof, like magic, hundreds of choices pop up on the screen. Unfortunately, many of those options could turn out to be bad choices.

“We take great pride in the quality and accuracy of the replacement parts and products we sell,” says Eric Fetchko, Dometic Marine Segment President. “Our current Sierra brand of engine and drive parts, filters, battery-charging components, switching products, NMEA 2000 components, and other aftermarket solutions are the result of 55 years of serving this market. We take quality control very seriously and value the reputation we’ve built with our servicing marine dealers, retailers and customers.”

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The Sierra brand of boat parts are built to the highest of standards.
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The Sierra brand covers just about anything boaters could need to keep their vessel well-maintained and running trouble-free. Many of these parts—such as water-pump impellers, engine and drive parts, fuel pumps, fuel hoses, fuel filters, and more—are mission-critical.

These are not the types of repairs, therefore, that boaters should do on the cheap. Online shopping has made it easier than ever for consumers to be taken in by inferior overseas components and even intentional knockoffs of Sierra parts. In a thumbnail photo on a website, all water-pump impellers tend to look alike. There is a good chance, however, that a cheap knockoff will not fit right, work right, or last as long.

It was on a recent trip that a fishing buddy relayed just such an experience. He had replaced his outboard motor’s water-pump impeller with one he’d bought online “at a much cheaper price” than Sierra. Just two trips later, he said, his engine began overheating, and when he took it apart, the new impeller had already begun to fall apart. This resulted in immediate replacement with the proper Sierra part—and a valuable lesson learned.

“In the marine industry, you get what you pay for when it comes to quality and performance,” Fetchko says. “We go to extremes to ensure that all Sierra boating products meet the highest standards, that they’ve been tested and evaluated in the field, and that boaters can always purchase and use them with confidence.”

Water pump impeller
A high-quality water pump impeller will keep your boat running smoothly.
Courtesy Dometic Marine

This commitment can be seen in the recent announcement that Dometic Marine US Corp. Litchfield Division (home of the Sierra Brand) has earned ISO 9001:2015 Certification—the ultimate global benchmark for quality and management. ISO, or International Organization of Standardization, is an independent, nongovernmental international organization with a membership of 169 national standards bodies. Achieving this certification required a yearlong team effort.

This might seem like a lot to go through for small parts and components that might be hidden away inside of boat engines, bilges, and other hidden spaces. Not so, however, when you consider the importance that these products carry.

If you’re a DIY boater who likes to do his own maintenance, work with a trusted marine dealer to purchase or order Sierra products for your projects. If you do your boat-component shopping online, Sierra has made it easier than ever for boaters to find the right product for almost any boat repair/maintenance/improvement project. Just go to sierraparts.com, and you’ll be on your way to better boating.

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