Whether small trim sections or a complete deck, the warm, golden glow of teak really makes a boat stand out from the crowd. But exposure to sunlight, rain and dirt turns the material a dull gray. With Teak Cleaner from Better Boat, it’s easy to restore the natural vibrant color of the wood in one easy step without the traditional back-breaking labor.

Better Boat Teak Cleaner works naturally and contains no harsh chemicals, including chlorine or bleach. It removes the most stubborn dirt, oil, mold, mildew and algae stains. The biodegradable formula produces no harmful vapors and is safe for rinse water to run overboard.

Using Teak Cleaner is simple. A 16 oz. jar is mixed with four gal. of water. The solution is applied to the wood and lightly brushed with the grain. After 15 minutes, the product is rinsed off. No sanding is needed. Once dry, the teak is ready to be stained or coated with a sealant.

This multipurpose Better Boat formulation also cleans EVA and other synthetic decking, fiberglass non-skid, vinyl, and marine fabrics and carpeting. A 32 oz. of Better Boat Teak Cleaner costs $25.99.

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