Ranieri International Appoints Madison Bay Holdings the Exclusive Representative Throughout The Americas

Ranieri International Appoints Madison Bay Holdings the Exclusive Representative Throughout The Americas
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Ranieri International Appoints Madison Bay Holdings the Exclusive Representative and Distributor of Ranieri Boats throughout North America and The Americas

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Madison Bay Holdings, LLC, now the exclusive representative and distributor for Ranieri International fiberglass and inflatable boats, is establishing a robust network of dealers across the U.S., Canada, and The Americas. Ranieri International, based in Sovarato, Italy, is a renowned boat manufacturer with more than 46 years of experience and recognized as one of the largest and most prestigious boat manufacturers in the European market. Ranieri has an established dealer network spanning Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.

Under the leadership of Ricardo Ruelos, Madison Bay Holdings plans to kickstart the U.S, Canada, and The Americas expansion with a network of dealers to offer Ranieri International’s diverse range of fiberglass boats, including cruisers, center consoles, and walkarounds, with models ranging from 19 feet to 37 feet. Their latest model, the Ranieri NEXT 275 LX, was nominated as the “European Boat of the Year (Up to 10 Meters)” at the Genoa International Boat Show. Additionally, Ranieri produces a series of inflatable boats (RIBs) in sizes from 12 feet to 45 feet.

Founded by Ruelos in Seattle, Washington, and later relocated to Sarasota, Florida, Madison Bay Holdings has a rich history in the marine industry. Ruelos, with more than 35 years of experience, has been involved with manufacturers such as MasterCraft Boat Company, Eliminator, Fountain, Century, Sealine Yachts, and Westship World Yachts.

Salvatore Ranieri and Antonio Ranieri, part of the second-generation management team, expressed their enthusiasm for partnering with Madison Bay Holdings to expand Ranieri International’s presence in North America.

“Over the past year, we have worked closely with Ricardo and Madison Bay Holdings to start building the foundation for the expansion of a select dealer network for Ranieri International in North America. Although Ranieri International has an extensive dealer throughout Europe and other areas in the world, Ricardo has guided us through the process of establishing a valued dealer network in North America. Included in this process has been our recent approvals for Floor Plan Financing that is an important ingredient to provide the support for the new Ranieri International dealers,” they said. “Ricardo also continues to remind us of the importance of giving the amore to our dealers and adopting the philosophy that Ricardo and his company, Madison Bay Holdings, has maintained throughout the thirty-five years of operations that states: ‘We treat our dealers and customers as family.’ This will include ongoing marketing support for the Ranieri International dealers and follow-up service to ensure that any warranty claims and parts that are needed are supplied on a prompt basis.”

Ruelos, in turn, highlighted the importance of fostering familial relationships with dealers and customers, a principle deeply ingrained in Madison Bay Holdings’ ethos.

“I am pleased to have the opportunity to represent Ranieri International and work with the Ranieri family and our valued dealers,” said Ruelos. “Throughout my career, I have had the pleasure to work with many boat companies that have been family owned and operated as this is the foundation and legacy of the marine industry. The full range of Ranieri boats and inflatable boats are a tribute to the forty-eight years that the Ranieri family has dedicated to produce an exceptional series of boats that are designed and manufactured in Italy with quality and attention to detail that can only be produced by two generations of Italian boatbuilders. I have spent my lifetime providing boaters with boats and products that boaters can enjoy and share with their families and friends, and it is a pleasure to introduce the rare and exceptional Ranieri boats to customers throughout North America.”

To showcase the full range of Ranieri boats and inflatable boats, Madison Bay Holdings, along with the Ranieri family and management team, will be present at the upcoming Palm Beach Boat Show and the SoFlo Boat Show. Prospective dealers interested in joining the Ranieri network are encouraged to reach out to Ricardo Ruelos for further information at [email protected] or (206) 290-0028.

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