Ocean Globe Race

Ocean Globe Race

The Ocean Globe Race is a no technology crewed race around the world sailing the the traditional four leg Whitbread Round the World Race course.

The Ocean Globe Race celebrates 50 years of Whitbread Round the World race, boats and sailors. Brian Hancock, a noted Round the World sailor and writer is providing a daily blog for the Ocean Globe Race. Here’s the March 15 edition – #186 in the series:

There was a little bit of a switcheroo overnight, by the way switcheroo is a well used nautical term.

I was asleep and not watching the Yellow Brick tracker but I would like to think that the French team on L’Espirit d’Equipe moved into first place in Line Honors, even for just an hour or so, but looming behind them all day yesterday was Ms Tabarly on Pen Duick VI averaging 3 or 4 knots faster and when I checked this morning, PDVI had a 9 mile lead, however, and this is the fun part of sailing.

Both boats had passed Spirit of Helsinki but no more. The Finns, led by Jussi Paavoseppa have regained the top spot and are now 21 miles ahead of PDVI. That serpentine stretch of light winds was narrower to the west where SOH was and they snuck in and snuck out into the fresh breeze first. PDVI and L’Espirit d’Equipe are still stuck doing around just over 3 knots respectively. They too will break free and then face phase 2; another serpent with no puff.

Looking ahead the weather is going to stay equally messy with some light winds, headwinds and for the lucky ones, a moderate easterlie that will give them a boost toward the equator. There are a lot of holes between here and there, a bit like your grandma’s nightgown on a Sunday morning. At least she could chuck it and head to WalMart for a new one. The sailors of the OGR are going to have to stick with what they are dealt, but that’s the beauty of boat racing.

Word is that Maiden went through a heavy squall and were able to fill their water tanks from the runoff from the mainsail. That’s good news for now and there are going to be many more downpours as they make their way through the tropics. They are good for now and for a while, but once out of the ITCG (Intertropical Convergence Zone) things may go back to being a bit tense again. I did tell you that the Maidens are nothing if not resourceful.

The weekend is ahead. So is St Patrick’s Day (on Sunday) so I hope that the teams remembered to stock up with green beer. Have fun OGR sailors. This is what you signed up for

Brian Hancock - photo © OCG2023
Brian Hancock – photo © OCG2023

About the author: Brian Hancock (RSA) is a sailmaker, racing yacht sailor and writer. He has sailed more than 250,000nm; competed in many transoceanic events including three Whitbread Round the World Races – 1981 Alaska Eagle (U.S.A.); 1985 Drum (United Kingdom); and 1989, Fazisi (Soviet Union); he is a writer on sailing topics. For The Ocean Globe Race Ocean Globe Race Brian is writing a day by day account based on his previous experiences in the Whitbread Round the World Race and other events, often related to the current position of the lead competitors on the Ocean Globe Race course.


by Brian Hancock

Source: https://yachtboatnews.com/ocean-globe-race-15/

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