MDS launches new web design services | Boating Industry

MDS launches new web design services | Boating Industry

MDS Brand, a boat builder and dealer technology solutions provider, announced the launch of its newest customizable web design services: MADIS AI content creation tool, integrated CallersIQ CRM software and ModelMixer Boat Configurator for boat builders. As a partner in driving sales for dealers and builders alike, MDS provides a complete suite of tools that streamlines the entire sales process for a better customer experience.

The company’s designers work closely with customers to create a robust website that acts as a gateway for customer interaction, engineered to attract the right audience. On the back end, they manage leads through popular CRM platforms for easier and more effective sales.

To add attention-grabbing SEO to a dealer or builder’s online presence, MDS has developed the MADIS AI content creation tool which allows for promotion of current inventory. From crafting articles to generating meta tags, the system harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to modernize content creation. Taking a step further, MADIS AI is also capable of automating email campaigns, precisely targeting the correct audience for maximum impact. It can be tailored with intuitive click boxes requiring no programming or social media experience.

Simplifying the sales process, the MDS CallersIQ CRM software gives staff versatility and motility. From organizing and managing leads to connecting via phone, email and text, the CallersIQ app makes connecting with contacts easy and improves customer service. Boat builders can assign leads to appropriate dealers by location or territory, making dealer management simple for sales managers.

As a sales tool for boat builders, ModelMixer is a boat configurator that transforms how potential customers design their vessel and simplifies how boat builders sell. The service provides three tiers of customization: builders can mix and match between the Static Builder with just a picture of the vessel; the 2D Builder allows customers to change hull colors for a more personalized look and feel; and the full 3D Builder gives a premium, tailored design experience. The 3D Builder lets customers visualize their creations in detail. For builders evolving their product line, it is easy to add new models or update existing ones through the ModelMixer platform, making it a scalable solution. It also has intelligent feature compatibility, allowing OEMs to set complex rules for product feature compatibility. In addition, designs can be brought to life with immersive Augmented Reality, providing a real-time visualization of customized models in any environment – including a potential customer’s actual slip or marina.

“We see ourselves as more than a technology company, but as a partner in customer service,” said Amir Danaei, president and co-founder, MDS Brand. “In this crowded landscape of hundreds of boat builders and thousands of dealers in a wide variety of markets, targeting the right customers with the right tools and servicing them at the highest level can not only result in a boat sold, but a customer for life. We pride ourselves in truly caring about our customers and helping them take better care of theirs.”


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