Legacy Offshore Racers Imprescia And Lilly Talk Shop In Water Street Confidential

Legacy Offshore Racers Imprescia And Lilly Talk Shop In Water Street Confidential

What’s in a name? Quite a bit if you happen to be Nick Imprescia or Brit Lilly, the sons of offshore powerboat racing greats, Joey Imprescia and Art Lilly. But in any motorsport, family name recognition is only that—you are measured by performance on the racecourse, not genetics. True, there are advantages to being the son or daughter of a famous offshore racer, early exposure to the sport chief of among them.

As you’ll see in the latest episode of Water Street Confidential, legacy offshore racers Brit Lilly (left) and Nick Imprescia also happen to be two of the coolest cats in the sport. Photo by Brad DiMaggio courtesy Scrapyard Media.

But there also is the pressure of expectation. Not only are you expected to succeed sooner than most of your peers, you are constantly reminded of the “big shoes you have to fill.”

Imprescia and Lilly have dealt with that aspect of their racing lives in distinctly different ways, and both approaches have paid off. Imprescia, who throttled his way to his first world title last year in the Mod V-class and currently throttles the 450R Factory Stock-class 151 Express MTI catamaran, is focused on creating his own footprints.

Lilly, who has several Stock V world and national titles to his credit and is currently alternating with driver Travis Pastrana in the Class 1 Huski Ice Spritz raceboat throttled by Steve Curtis, has done everything he can to emulate his legendary father.

Both gentlemen are dedicated to the sport and are on upward trajectories. Both are tough competitors. Both are charismatic, soft-spoken ambassadors of the sport. But perhaps most important, both are loaded with humility.

Find out more in the latest episode of Mercury Racing’s Water Street Confidential.

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