ICAST 2022 Best of Show Award Winners

ICAST Edition

By Tackle Warehouse | updated July 2022

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Shimano Stella FK Spinning Reel | Best Freshwater Reel | ICAST 2022

2022 ICAST Award Winner Best Freshwater Reel

Upgraded with a host of technologies from Shimano’s saltwater family, the Stella FK now adds another level of durability and power to its legendary smoothness. The perennial top-shelf spinning reel in Shimano’s arsenal, the Stella FK is the culmination of Shimano’s relentless pursuit to redefine innovation.

St. Croix Legend Tournament Series Rods | Best Freshwater Rod | ICAST 2022

2022 ICAST Award Winner Best Freshwater Rod

Led by an interesting trio of all-new swimbait models featuring St. Croix’s GRASP reel seat, the St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass Rods offer a complete range of technique-specific casting and spinning models. Loaded with St. Croix’s premium features, the Legend Tournament Bass series are also feature all-new blanks and refined ergonomics and cosmetics.

Ugly Stik Carbon Inshore Rods | Best Freshwater Rod | ICAST 2022

2022 ICAST Award Winner Best Freshwater Rod

Ugly Stik ups the ante with the new Ugly Stik Carbon Inshore Rods. Perfect for bass fishing or hard fighting inshore species, the Carbon Inshore series offer increased sensitivity thanks to their 24-ton graphite blanks, while maintaining the same legendary strength you’ve come to expect from Ugly Stik.

Humminbird Mega Live TargetLock with Transducer | Best Electronic | ICAST 2022

2022 ICAST Award Winner Best Electronic

Humminbird continues to push the level of innovation in bass fishing with the Humminbird MEGA Live TargetLock. Independently mounted from the trolling motor shaft to allow full use of your trolling motor (including Spot-Lock), it doesn’t sacrifice any of your sonar view. The TargetLock feature also allows anglers to lock the MEGA Live beam in the direction of structure, so even when the boat moves, the MEGA Live view stays fixed in that direction.

Spiderwire DuraBraid Braided Line | Best Fishing Line | ICAST 2022

2022 ICAST Award Winner Best Fishing Line

Engineered to be 25% stronger than conventional braided lines thanks to its use of gel-spun polyethylene, Spiderwire DuraBraid Braided Line offers award-winning, abrasion-resistance ideal for fishing around rocks, docks, boat hoists, heavy vegetation, and timber.

Plano EDGE Frog Box | Best Tackle Management | ICAST 2022

2022 ICAST Award Winner Best Tackle Management

A must-have for frog fishing enthusiasts, the Plano EDGE Frog Box boasts an innovative design for ultra-convenient, vertical frog storage. The Plano EDGE Frog Box features 25 dual-sided posts and a deep body, allowing you to hang up to 50 of your favorite frogs by their line ties.

Z-Man Diezel Eye Jighead | Best Terminal Tackle | ICAST 2022

2022 ICAST Award Winner Best Terminal Tackle

Made to pair seamlessly with larger profile swimbaits like the Z-Man Diezel MinnowZ Swimbait, the Z-Man DieZel Eye Jigheads feature oversized eyes to create a prominent strike target for the fish to zero in on, and they are forged on three sides around custom heavy-guage hooks to ensure superior strength when targeting large predatory fish.

Aftco Barricade Rain Suit | Best Cold Weather Technical Apparel | ICAST 2022

2022 ICAST Award Winner Best Cold Weather Technical Apparel

When the weather gets nasty, it’s too late to worry if your rain suit is going to cut it. The Aftco Barricade Rain Suit delivers proven, high-end foul weather performance with a stylish, comfortable fit and a host of fishing-specific features.

Simms Solarflex Guide Cooling Hoodie | Best Warm Weather Technical Apparel | ICAST 2022

2022 ICAST Award Winner Best Warm Weather Technical Apparel

Offering hardworking, heat-beating comfort like only Simms can, the Simms SolarFlex Guide Cooling Hoody featues Simm’s SolarFlex Cooling Armor, mobility boosting stretch fabric, UPF50 sun protection and a built-in gaiter.

Berkley Powerbait Slobberknocker Bladed Jigs | Best Freshwater Hard Lure | ICAST 2022

2022 ICAST Award Winner Best Freshwater Hard Lure

Featuring an innovative head-to-blade connection to eliminate blade breakoffs, the Berkley Powerbait Slobberknocker Bladed Jig creates an enticing bass-tuned sound in addition to its superior durability. Also equipped with hand-tied Powerbait skirts, the Slobberknocker will be a force to be reckoned with this summer.

Berkley Powerbait Power Stinger Swimbaits | Best Freshwater Soft Lure | ICAST 2022

2022 ICAST Award Winner Best Freshwater Soft Lure

Purpose-built for use with bladed jigs, the Berkley PowerStinger Swimbait introduces a new honeycomb molding that drives action through its tail by translating the movement of the vibrating jig throughout the entire trailer. Its thick baitfish profile and dense head also provide easy rigging and prevent it from tearing or slipping down the shank.

Livetarget Live Shrimp | Best Saltwater Hard Lure | ICAST 2022

2022 ICAST Award Winner Best Saltwater Hard Lure

Delivering the unparalleled realism that LiveTarget is famous for, the LIVETARGET Live Shrimp is also built around an super sharp Mustad Ultra Point 2x-strong Oshaughnessy hook with a new TitanX TX coating for added corrosion-resistance.

Z-Man Kicker Crabz | Best Saltwater Soft Lure | ICAST 2022

2022 ICAST Award Winner Best Saltwater Soft Lure

Designed to accurately imitate a sideways swimming crustacean, the Z-Man Kicker Crabz is poured from 10X Tough Elaztech for extreme durability. The unique kicker claw produces enticing movement on the fall and during the retrieve, and the Kicker Crabz highly buoyant Elaztech construction floats it into a naturally defensive posture when at rest.

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