How-To Setup the Hover Strolling Rig | Bass Angler Magazine

How-To Setup the Hover Strolling Rig | Bass Angler Magazine

A smart solution to the challenge of targeting suspended fish and pressured fish alike, the Hover Strolling Rig is a brilliant finesse technique out of Japan that methodically presents your preferred soft plastic perfectly horizontal. Often paired with fluke-style minnows or other soft jerkbaits, the highly effective Hover Strolling Rig can turn finicky and highly pressured fish into biters when nothing else will.

To get started setting up your prolific Hover Strolling Rig, you will need an ultra-finesse 90-degree hook, a small nail weight, and your preferred soft plastic. Keep scrolling for step-by-step instructions below!

What’s Needed:

While the order of operations can vary based on angler preference, most often rigging a Hover Strolling setup starts with tying your mainline, or leader if applicable, to your specialized hook. The finesse hook needs to have a 90-degree line tie in order to orient your plastic in a natural, horizontal position. Most often these small hooks that match your bite-sized plastic will range in size from a #4, all the way down to a #10. Simply use any of your favorite terminal knots to affix your hook such as the Palomar, San Diego Jam, Clinch Knot, or others.


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