How to Easily Replace a Broken Fishing Rod Tip

How to Easily Replace a Broken Fishing Rod Tip

As an angler, you’re only as effective as your gear. Time and time again, formidable game fish prove that weak connections and inferior tackle simply won’t get the job done. Impaired tackle leads to lost fish, it’s that simple. Among the many tackle troubles commonly plaguing everyday anglers, a damaged rod tip is one of the most frustrating. Fortunately, replacing that busted tip is not as complicated as it seems.

DIY Rod Tip Replacement

If you fish often enough, you’ve likely experienced the frustration of getting to the fish, making a cast, and having your line part mid-flight. Vexing as it is, just know that if this happens to you, you’re probably lucky. If that line had held together through the cast and gotten you connected with the fish of your dreams, you’d have surely experienced tackle failure then, when it hurts a lot worse.

Whether it’s parted line mid-fight or mid-cast, it leaves you wondering what the hack happened. Granted, there are many factors that can contribute to weakened line, but one of the most common is a damaged rod tip. Today’s fishing rods, though many are outfitted with high-quality components, are delicate tools. Even when meticulously cared for by anglers, rods can be damaged in the blink of an eye.

Many anglers won’t think twice when they accidentally scrape a rod tip against the ceiling or reel a hook or lure all the way up to the top guide. However, while they’re simple mistakes, they’re not always harmless. Even the highest quality rod guides can be damaged with minimal impact, so it’s important that anglers regularly check their guides for damage. Even the tiniest scratch can chafe through your line. Sometimes these scratches are difficult to detect with the naked eye or a finger, so we recommend running a cotton swab along the inner circle of each guide and anything else your line makes contact with. If there are any abrasions, the small cotton filaments will cling to them.

If you find a scratch on your rod tip guide, which is where damages seem to be the most common, don’t panic. There’s no need to replace the entire rod. And, before we get into how you can replace the guide yourself, we should mention that it’s never a bad idea to have it professionally repaired or replaced if you have any concerns regarding your own ability to do the job. While you’re at it, though, don’t be afraid to ask the professional repairing or replacing the guide for a few pointers on how to do it yourself.

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For those who wish to attempt the replacement themselves, there are a few ways to complete the task. The easiest, and this is our top recommendation, is to purchase a pre-packaged. Mud Hole (mudhole. com) has become a very popular one stop shop for savvy anglers looking to get into rod building, but the site also offers individual rod components and tip/guide replacement kits, along with instructional videos, a blog and much more. For simple tip replacements, simply order the kit that best suits the rod you’re repairing and follow the instructions. If you’re worried about getting the right size replacement tip and kit, you may want to head to an actual tackle store with the damaged guide in hand for an accurate comparison.

how to fix a damaged rod tip

When you’ve acquired the rod tip/ guide replacement kit and are ready to complete the process, make sure you get set up properly before you begin. The process is relatively simple, but there will be a time crunch with drying glue, so there’s no room for error. Before you even open the kit, set yourself up on a clean, flat surface with plenty of light. Additionally, you’ll need some sharp shears for a clean cut, as pliers or scissors will splinter your rod tip. You’ll also need a lighter or a small torch if your kit includes a hardened glue stick, though some kits provide liquid adhesive with a small brush. On that note, if necessary, make sure you also have a small brush, cotton swab or even a toothpick to apply the glue.

how to fix a damaged rod tip

After cutting off the damaged tip, make sure you grab the proper replacement tip and get ready to work quickly. Some kits provide a one-piece guide you simply glue to your rod tip, while others include additional parts to work with. Instructional videos online can be helpful in a pinch, but make sure you’re following the instructions specific to your kit.

Once the rod tip is ready for the new guide, heat your glue stick and apply a generous amount of glue to the tip where you’ll be placing the guide. Slide the guide onto the rod tip firmly, ensuring it’s a tight fit. If it’s loose, you may need a smaller guide. Conversely, if the guide doesn’t fit on the rod tip, don’t force it or you’ll splinter the tip. Once the guide is on the rod tip, make sure to align it with the guide below before the glue dries. Once the adhesive is dry, you’re good to go!


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