Feel the Fenwick Difference with the All-New Lineup of Rods | Bass Angler Magazine

Feel the Fenwick Difference with the All-New Lineup of Rods | Bass Angler Magazine

COLUMBIA, S.C. (March 21, 2024) – For decades anglers have long trusted the Fenwick brand for its unrivaled legacy of ultimate sensitivity, in-hand feel, and craftsmanship. Now, with a renewed commitment to enhancing their rods, the Fenwick family reintroduces the Fenwick Eagle, HMG, Elite, and Fenwick’s flagship rod – World Class.

Each series of new rods is a collection of incredibly well-crafted, technique specific rods that anglers will love with a combination of top-notch performance at a variety of price points. Regardless of the series an angler selects, the performance is unmatched.

Fenwick’s history is rich with innovation as the brand has spent decades building upon its previous learning and developing technique driven rods that deliver upon its famous sensitivity. That’s why the next chapter in their journey is so remarkable. Simply put – Fenwick has found a better way.

Through many years of research and design work, the team at Fenwick has made the challenging decision to abandon its well-loved Fenwick rod designs for an entirely new, ground-up build of rods that deliver above and beyond what even the brand thought possible. With nearly 264 new unique and technique specific rods to choose from, Fenwick has created an impeccable lineup of rods that allow anglers at any level to have access to Fenwick’s actions and new innovations.

What makes Fenwick rods even more special is how they feel in the hand. Their unique design began by studying the human hand and what is required to deliver truly exceptional ergonomics. From there the Fenwick team studied rods, they studied anglers of all types, and they studied products like surgical tools where precision and ergonomics are critical to the job. These learnings were applied to a new form that acts as an extension of the angler’s hand maximizing comfort, grip, and overall feel without any extra material to deaden sensitivity.

A thoughtfully measured handle diameter fills the hand perfectly, optimizing leverage and action while the ergonomic grip offers soft surfaces and a seamless in-hand feeling that enhances the angler’s ability to detect changes in structure, lure movement, and, most importantly, bites. The Fenwick designed reel seat fits the crux of the hand for a natural feel and elegant, yet minimal finishes reduce the overall weight of the rod to maximize sensitivity.

Fenwick World Class Rods: 

The pinnacle of the collection, the World Class series, provides discerning anglers with 62 technique-specific rods tailored for bass, walleye, and saltwater inshore anglers. Focusing on the importance of weight, balance, and sensitivity, World Class rods are crafted from ultra-premium materials combined with a blend of high modulus graphite and Fenwick’s proprietary reinforcing resin, providing perfect actions for each application. Designed for performance, Fenwick has skillfully crafted the lightest weight blank possible without disrupting sensitivity or responsiveness.

MSRP: $419.95 – $504.95

Fenwick Elite Rods: 

The new Fenwick Elite rods are constructed from a blend of 36 and 30-ton graphite and Fenwick proprietary reinforcing resin, resulting in an incredibly sensitive rod that exceeds expectations in the power department. Fenwick designed soft touch reel seats fit naturally in the hand and amplify the anglers’ ability to detect changes in structure, lure movement, and most importantly – bites. The new Elite is the result of a true nationwide team effort that brings all these actions together to create 69 new rod options to make a collection of the best fishing tools for bass, walleye, pike, musky and saltwater inshore anglers alike.

MSRP: $229.95 – $369.95

Fenwick HMG Rods:

Fenwick HMG changed fishing forever in 1973 with the creation of the first ever all graphite fishing rod. But history has been made once again. Fenwick is now adding to its rich history of innovation by reintroducing a new and improved lineup of Fenwick HMG spinning and casting rods. Available now in 77 new rod options for bass, walleye, salmon & steelhead, pike, musky, trout/panfish and inshore, there is a Fenwick HMG rod made for every angler from saltwater to freshwater.

MSRP: $139.95 – $249.95

Fenwick Eagle Rods: 

Fenwick relied on a tradition of innovation and technology when building the all- new Fenwick Eagle. When you’ve been crafting anglers’ favorite fishing rods for over 70 years, there are certain expectations to meet. That’s why the all-new Eagle has been re-designed from top to bottom. The Eagle features many classic Fenwick actions that anglers know and love, as well as some surprising new technique specific actions to bring Eagle to the next performance level. With 56 new rod options, anglers chasing trout, steelhead, bass, and walleye will have a rod to choose from.

MSRP: $99.95 – $109.95

To learn more about Fenwick fishing rods, click here.

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