Balise Pontoon Boats Launches

Balise Pontoon Boats Launches
Balise pontoon on the water
Balise promises pontoon boat buyers a new experience on the water.
Courtesy Balise Pontoon Boats

Balise, a new pontoon boat builder, launches today.

It’s hard to imagine another pontoon boat maker offering a different experience given the number of pontoon boat brands from which boat buyers can choose. But, Balise is promising to deliver a new experience for boaters in several ways. 

According to a company spokesman, every Balise pontoon boat model is meticulously designed and fitted with distinct features to make your time on the water exceptional. Timeless artistry, the company says, defines Balise, and such precision is mastered from perfecting innovation, performance, comfort and quality.  

Balise pontoon from overhead
Balise pontoon boats are said to be meticulously designed and fitted with distinct features.
Courtesy Balise Pontoon Boats

The team behind Balise (MasterCraft Boat Company) can claim more than 60 years of hand-built legacy and are, Balise claims, the same torchbearers designing a new way to experience pontoon boats. 

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These ideals were shared with Boating during a recent meeting. At that same meeting, we committed to testing Balise Pontoon Boats models so as to confirm for pontoon boat buyers that Balise lives up to the ideals its messaging espouses. 

Balise pontoon with top deployed
“Radical innovation” is one term Balise uses to describe its pontoon boats.
Courtesy Balise Pontoon Boats

Boating established that Balise Pontoon Boats are powered by Mercury outboards.

For more information, visit Balise Pontoon Boats on Facebook and Instagram.

Stay tuned for our tests, and learn more about this new brand, below.

Balise pontoon with Mercury outboard
Mercury Marine will power Balise Pontoon Boats models.
Courtesy Balise Pontoon Boats

Crest Marine, LLC., a leader in the recreational powerboat industry and subsidiary of MasterCraft Boat Holdings, Inc., today announced the expansion of its portfolio with the launch of an all-new, independent luxury pontoon brand, Balise Pontoon Boats (“Balise”). 

Balise was born from the singular mission to be the most luxurious and innovative pontoon boat on the market. The team behind Balise prioritized timeless artistry, sophisticated entertainment, radical innovation, and uncompromising quality in developing this new brand. And from these principles this vision has come to life.

“The launch of the Balise brand is the culmination of nearly three years of careful consumer research, design, and engineering to redefine the way consumers experience on-water luxury and sophisticated entertainment,” said George Steinbarger, President of Crest Marine. “Jointly developed by a dedicated team of Crest Marine and MasterCraft professionals, we leveraged more than 120 years of combined premium boat building experience, design, and innovation to develop a brand whose single goal is to deliver a standard of elegance, performance, and quality not previously experienced in the pontoon segment.”

The Balise brand will initially launch with two distinct models, the Horizon and Helix. Every model is meticulously designed and fitted with distinct features to make your time on the water exceptional. Both models are available in either 24- or 26-foot lengths, and can be outfitted with the Cruise (“C”) or Lounge (“L”) layout configurations. 

Each model is fully suited for on-water entertainment with premium comforts including plush upholstery, wireless phone chargers, and RGB interior lights throughout. For even greater comfort and convenience, both models offer numerous upgrades such as dual 12-inch screens at the helm, dual windshields, underwater lighting, diving board, and a user-friendly low-profile ladder. And in an industry-first, Balise is introducing an in-water power cooler that automatically brings your cooler down to water level while anchored – greatly enhancing your in-water entertainment experience. Additionally, Balise has revolutionized in-water audio with its 4D sound system, designed to deliver full-range, crystal-clear sound to you and your guests while relaxing in the water.

To achieve the premium performance standards consumers expect at this level, Balise has partnered with Mercury Marine to be the exclusive outboard engine supplier. The Helix and Horizon models come equipped with a base Mercury 5.7L V10 350 Verado, and the choice to upgrade to a Mercury 5.7L V10 400-hp Verado or Mercury Racing 4.8L V8 Supercharged 500R.

“Boating is about spending quality time with your family and friends – creating memories that will last a lifetime. I have been in the boating industry for more than 40 years, and in that time, I have never seen a brand put so much attention into every detail as I have with Balise. Every design element, feature, and innovation tell a story, and were born from our singular focus to elevate every aspect of the consumers’ boating experience,” said Rick Skinner, Director of Sales and Marketing. “Every model is meticulously designed and fitted with distinct features to make your time on the water exceptional. Whether seeking high performance, quality craftsmanship, or unmatched comfort, the Horizon and Helix models deliver.”

After months of anticipation, these exceptional vessels are now available to order through select dealers across the United States. To learn more about Balise Pontoon Boats, visit 

About Balise Pontoon Boats

Balise Pontoon Boats is the most refined pontoon brand in the luxury watercraft space. Each model boasts premium features and intentional design elements to navigate exceptional experiences. Balise is dedicated to guiding sophistication unlike any other on the water. Leveraging more than 120 years of mastery in the boating industry, Balise’s sophisticated entertainment, radical innovation and uncompromising quality deliver the most luxurious and innovative pontoon boat on the market.

About MasterCraft Boat Holdings

Headquartered in Vonore, Tennessee, MasterCraft Boat Holdings, Inc. is a leading innovator, designer, manufacturer and marketer of recreational powerboats through its four brands, MasterCraft, Crest, Aviara and Balise. Through these four brands, MasterCraft Boat Holdings has leading market share positions in two of the fastest growing segments of the powerboat industry – performance sport boats and pontoon boats – while entering the large, growing luxury day boat segment. For more information about MasterCraft Boat Holdings, and its brands, visit: and

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