Wrapping Up The First Performance Boat Center Open House And Boat Show

Wrapping Up The First Performance Boat Center Open House And Boat Show

By early Saturday evening, the last stragglers had departed Performance Boat Center’s Open House and Boat Show on the shores of the Lake of the Ozarks in Osage Beach, Mo. The inaugural event closed its doors yesterday at 5 p.m. Show-goers not ready to depart headed for the adjacent Redhead Lakeside Grill and Yacht Club, which for two full days and nights had been packed with powerboat fans.

The line-up that greeted guests at the inaugural Performance Boat Center Open House and Boat Show was spectacular. Photos by Jeff Helmkamp copyright Jeff Helmkamp Photos.

Two full days of hosting demo rides, answering questions and being the fine host that he is left Brett Manire, the co-owner Performance Boat Center, worn out. So he woke this morning with one mission to accomplish. Go boating. Grab a ride from Performance Boat Center and take to the lake with his girlfriend Kaitlyn Krystal, Performance Boat Center service manager Myrick Coil and his family, and rigging manager Greg Hilmer.




Gone boating—Performance Boat Center’s Myrick Coil, Greg Hilmer and Brett Manire.

“You know our Thursday night party at PBC during the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout?” Manire explained. “It wasn’t quite that busy but that’s what it felt like for two days.”

Manire divided those days into two parts. From 10 a.m. till noon, he gave demo rides in various boats. After that, he stayed put on the Performance Boat Center grounds answering questions and helping out where needed.

“I don’t know how many people were there, but we gave more than 100 demo rides and I’m sure we’ll set a lot of boats,” he said. “We had cars parked on the side of the road going all the way past our rigging shop, meaning off Performance Boat Center property. The restaurant was so busy that they want us to do the open house every spring and fall. And all of our vendors seemed to have a great experience.”

Jon Smiley, the vice-president of CTS Custom Trailers based in Muscatine, Iowa, was among the delighted exhibitors.

“The PBC Crew did an outstanding job with the event,” he said. “Our trailers were very well received and we were glad to be on hand to support our dealer. We left with orders for Sunsation and Performance Powerboats trailers  and have a lengthy list of solid leads. We are looking forward to participating again.”

Manire didn’t know where he and his crew would end up today on the lake. But he was ready to chill.

“It was an amazing event, but I am pooped,” he said, then laughed. “It’s going to take two days to put it all away.”

But at least some of that can wait until Monday. Today, there is boating on the Lake of the Ozarks to be done.

Performance Boat Center has the ideal setup for a significant showcase event.

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