Sequence Of The Week: It’s A Boat, It’s A Plane—It’s a Fountain

Sequence Of The Week: It’s A Boat, It’s A Plane—It’s a Fountain

When chief photographer Pete Boden is working, as he was this weekend capturing the Florida Powerboat Club Tampa Bay Poker Run, we stay in touch through text messaging. The daily news cycle, especially when it comes to the event coverage, is such that neither of us have time to waste. So we keep it short and simple.

But during the years I’ve learned to understand his tone and meaning in text messages. So when I received this one— “Wind picked up, a bit bumpy”—yesterday I knew he was happy and that co-publisher Jason Johnson and I would receive images of boats in flight.





When the water is rough, photographer Pete Boden is in his happy place. Photos copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

Now, contrast that with his Friday message from the Southwest Florida event: “A little windy, but not enough to make it bumpy.” So I knew he was not-so-happy and we’d be getting images of performance boats running fast in flat water. And that was exactly what we received.

The sequence above is from yesterday’s run, and from the Fountain V-bottom it captures in flight you can see that conditions were indeed “a bit bumpy.”

Look for a complete story on the 2024 Tampa Bay Poker Run later today on In the meantime, enjoy Mr. Boden’s work.

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