Video Flashback—Meet The Main Man Behind Project Adaptation

Video Flashback—Meet The Main Man Behind Project Adaptation

Near the end of Project Adaptation, a new documentary video capturing the Waves And Wheels build-out of a remarkable Doug Wright catamaran for equally remarkable client Dave Burgess, Waves And Wheels principal Justin Wagner gives Burgess a hug. The 42-footer was docked in front of Wagner’s Osage Beach, Mo.-based business and Burgess and Wagner were in the driver and co-pilot seats when Wagner reached across the aisle, so to speak.

For Justin Wagner of Waves And Wheels, the unique build for Dave Burgess was a labor of love.

“I was holding myself back,” Wagner admitted, then laughed a day after the Speed On The Water/Scrapyard Media video went live. “I probably gave Dave three or four hugs throughout that day. And I made him high-five me about 20 times between Saturday and Tuesday.”

The hug delivery hug wasn’t a first for Burgess. Not quite.

“Last guy I hugged when I got a boat was (Nor-Tech’s) Terry Sobo—that’s how long ago it was,” he says in the Speed On The Water/Scrapyard video. “Nobody else ever hugged me.” co-publisher Jason Johnson and I would have been surprised if Wagner hadn’t hugged Burgess, as Wagner is a passionate guy we started following him early in his career. Johnson in particular kept close tabs on Wagner’s projects and accomplishments and took great pride and care in reporting them.

The hug came as no surprise to anyone at

In fact, Wagner was one of the first marine industry figures Johnson suggested we spotlight when we started brainstorming our “In The Lead” video series in late 2020. His segment ran at the end of the first season in 2021, and it remains one of our favorites. Throughout the video, Wagner exudes the kind of passion and commitment that helped turn the catamaran dream of Dave Burgess into a reality.

Want to learn more about the man who made it happen? Watch the video.

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