Toys Tour Going Back To Basics – Speed on the Water

Toys Tour Going Back To Basics – Speed on the Water

One of the last organized go-fast boating happenings of any given year, the Toys Tour in Palatka, Fla., is also among the most compelling and essential events of the year. It’s a simple event based on performance boat owners and their friends bringing gifts for children in need in Putnam County. Those presents are in turn distributed to local boys and girls by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department.

Set for December 1-2 this year, the Toys Tour brings joy to children in need in Putnam County. Photo by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

The event, which was founded by the late Rus Matos, is set for December 1-2. Scott McCormick, the owner of Sanford, Fla.-based Velocity Powerboats—the primary backer of the Toys Tour—said he is refocusing his organizational sites on the Toys Tour’s original intent as envisioned by Matos.

“I’m taking this back to its roots, which is a charity event for the children where a bunch of great people show up with their bad-ass boats and deliver smiles for the holidays,” McCormick explained. “I’ve got about 1,000 man-hours into rekindling the event. It’s definitely going to be a great time and a lot of people are coming.”

Registration for the 2023 Toys Tour is open and can be accessed by clicking here. A complete schedule is posted on the Toys Tour website.

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