Suzuki Marine Introduces New Recycling Program and Sales Incentive

Suzuki Marine Introduces New Recycling Program and Sales Incentive


Suzuki Marine’s new “4-4-2” national dealer program aims to help get boaters into more fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly Suzuki 4-stroke outboard technology while making it easy to properly scrap/recycle old 2-stroke motors.

Introduced at the Minneapolis Boat Show and rolling out nationally in Q1 2024, the new program offers additional discount options to dealers that can be passed along to the customer on top of what is given for trade of the engine. To qualify, dealers must scrap/recycle the 2-stroke outboard and donate the money received from the scrap to an environmental organization of the dealer’s choice. Under the program, dealers can accept in trade any brand or size of 2-stroke outboard, regardless of age or condition.

“We worked on a pilot program over the summer with our dealer Dan Chesky of Dan’s Southside in Minneapolis,” says Brandon Cerka, Suzuki Marine general manager of sales and marketing. “He was very successful, and this got us excited about the benefits of expanding the program nationally to help our dealers move customers into clean burning Suzuki 4-stroke technology — while getting as many old 2-stroke motors off the water as we can.” 

Representatives of Suzuki Marine and Dan’s Southside met with nonprofit Minnesota Sportfishing Foundation Coalition (MN-Fish) during the Minneapolis Boat Show to kick off the 4-4-2 program, and are donating $4,000 to MN-Fish Executive Director Mark Holsten for all the 2-stroke outboards converted and scrapped during the pilot period. Suzuki Marine agreed to match the initial $4,000 donation to MN-Fish to double the positive impact and give the program strong momentum. “We know this program is going to generate more awareness for our engines and show we’re serious — along with our dealers and customers — about improving the health of our lakes, rivers and oceans,” adds Cerka.

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