Sneak Peak: Waves And Wheels Delivers Doug Wright 42 Carbon—Exclusive Video Drops Tomorrow

Sneak Peak: Waves And Wheels Delivers Doug Wright 42 Carbon—Exclusive Video Drops Tomorrow

Back in October I wrote a story about a performance boater near and dear to who was getting a fully customized outboard-powered catamaran—his first ever cat, in fact—from a company that’s long been admired and featured by Said boat owner is Michigan native Dave Burgess and his lovely wife, Susie, of course. And said company is Waves and Wheels in Osage Beach, Mo., which just last weekend delivered its first Doug Wright Powerboats 42 Carbon Waves and Wheels to the Burgess family at their home-away-from-home in Cape Coral, Fla.

Dave and Susie Burgess are overjoyed with their new Doug Wright 42 Carbon Waves And Wheels edition catamaran that is the subject of a new documentary going live tomorrow. Photos by Brad DiMaggio/Scrapyard Media

And while the couple is beyond thrilled with the 42-footer and all of its features—from the paint and the interior to the Bluave Marine Audio stereo system and the pair of Mercury Racing 500R engines—I’m not going to give away much in this story. That’s because Waves and Wheels executed cutting-edge cockpit-access adaptation to the boat that you have to see to believe in order to help Burgess, who years ago lost the use of his legs in a snowmobile accident, get in and out of the cat. And the good news is you will be able to “see it,” as Burgess and his new 42-footer is featured exclusively in an almost 20-minute going live tomorrow morning on the YouTube Channel.

Yep, Brad DiMaggio and his wife and Scrapyard Media teammate, Katie DiMaggio, returned home to Michigan late Sunday after a few days in Florida to sort through footage and edit the video along with the additional footage shot at Burgess’ shop in Michigan and at The Boardwalk at Waves and Wheels, which is located at the 26 mile marker on Lake of the Ozarks. I’ve got a feeling you are going to enjoy the video, especially witnessing the bond between friends—Burgess and Waves and Wheels owner Justin Wagner—grow even more.

“The last guy I hugged when I got a boat was Terry Sobo,” said Burgess, who was referring to the longtime Nor-Tech salesman after sitting in the Doug Wright for the first time and getting a big bear hug from Wagner. “Yep, that’s how long ago it was. No one else has ever hugged me during a delivery.”

And trust us, Burgess has had a lot of boats delivered, which means plenty of opportunities for hugs. Then again, Wagner is a hugger. And who else better to hug than the man who bought the first 42-footer to come out of his facility since becoming a Doug Wright dealer in late 2022—the same man who challenged the team at Waves and Wheels to do something a bit outside of most companies’ comfort zones?

Makes sense to me, and next time I see Burgess, I’m going to give him a huge congratulatory hug myself. I mean maybe it’s been a while since he’s received a hug from a journalist.

Thanks to Waves and Wheels, Dave Burgess has a unique way to get in and out of his new 42-foot Doug Wright cat.

If you follow, you’ve seen the 42 Carbon Waves and Wheels edition highlighted in a few stories, including the last one last when after the Graphix1 Paint team finished its impressive blue, red, black and white graphics. You may also recognize Burgess from other articles we’ve done on his boats, which have included a Cigarette Racing Team 41 Nighthawk, a Sunsation Powerboats 40CCX and an Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats SL 41 with triple outboard engines. Fun facts: Waves and Wheels did the interior of Burgess’ outboard-powered 41-footer, which is when the two met, and I rode in it with Outerlimits sales manager Dan Kleitz on an uncommonly calm Lake Michigan during the 2018 Boyne Thunder Poker Run.

Anyway, here’s what you probably don’t know—the whole story, and that’s what we’re delivering in the form of tomorrow’s captivating new YouTube documentary, as well as an additional complementary walkthrough of the boat with Wagner produced by Scrapyard Media.

So stay tuned right here or subscribe to our YouTube page to get alerted when this video—and others—are added to the channel.

As Burgess, says toward the end of the video, “It’s like you built a custom boat for me.” Of course Wagner laughed and said, “Yep, that’s exactly what we did.”







Check out the slideshow above for more images of the new 42-foot cat being delivered.

Obviously and our partners at Scrapyard Media need to extend a special thank you to the Burgess family for being open to the video idea and to a group of sponsors with close ties to the family who agreed to support it because of the people involved and the message the video sends that boating is possible for everyone.

In alphabetical order by business, thanks to Mike Knoblock and Tyler Blankenship of American Custom Marine, Jason Curry and Jon Smiley of CTS Custom Trailers, Andy Imhof and Mitch Kramer of Maryland Offshore Performance Marine Center, Joe Schaldenbrand, Kyle Miller and Ryan Wenk of Sunsation Powerboats, Bob Teague and Cherilyn Noack of Teague Custom Marine, Joe Riehl of UnRiehl Performance and Chris Wagner and Jessica Moore of WIA Marine Insurance.

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