Seakeeper Unveils Two New Gyrostabilizers

Seakeeper Unveils Two New Gyrostabilizers

Seakeeper has launched two new gyrostabilizer models — the Seakeeper 10.5 and the Seakeeper 14 — providing stabilization for boats 50 to 68 feet in length.

The Seakeeper 10.5, ideal for boats 50 to 62 feet, builds upon the success of the Seakeeper 9 but offers 17% more angular momentum in 23% less volume.

The Seakeeper 14 bridges the gap between the Seakeeper 9 and the Seakeeper 18 and is ideal for boats 55 to 68 feet. Compared to the Seakeeper 9, the Seakeeper 14 offers 56% more gyroscopic power in 4% more overall volume.

The Seakeeper 10.5 and Seakeeper 14 are both equipped with an innovative asymmetric flywheel design for reduced height and optimized performance, a space-saving single-cylinder brake system with enhanced reliability and corrosion-resistant components.

The Seakeeper 10.5 is expected to begin shipment in July 2024 with a retail cost of $124,900. The Seakeeper 14 will follow, beginning shipment in September 2024 with a retail price of $149,900.

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