Ken Mah – The Champion’s Path from Elk Grove to the BAM Pro Tour | Bass Angler Magazine

Ken Mah – The Champion’s Path from Elk Grove to the BAM Pro Tour | Bass Angler Magazine

BAM Pro Tour angler, Ken Mah has established himself as a formidable name in professional bass fishing, boasting an impressive record that includes 10 major wins and 41 top 10 finishes.

His exceptional talent has led to him amassing over $340,000 in winnings from August 2021 to the present, a period during which he secured 5 major titles—three consecutively at Oroville Afterbay, twice on the California Delta, Berryessa, and the Columbia River. With 11 of these top 10 finishes occurring in the same timeframe and major victories at renowned locations like Shasta, Oroville, and Clearlake—twice at each—it’s clear that Mah is a consistent high performer. He’s recognized for his ability to excel in any tournament, positioning him as a pervasive threat every time he sets out on the water, ready to achieve excellence regardless of the venue.

Qualified through the 2023 APEX Pro Tour

  •  Top 10s: 41
  •  Major Wins: Ten Including the Westernbass Shootout and APEX Pro Tour

Rigged for Success: Ken Mah’s Trusted Boat/Engine/Electronics: Vexus/Mercury/Lowrance

Strategic Partnerships: The Team Behind the Champ

Ken’s Partnerships: Elk Grove RAM, Penecore Drilling, Top This Outfitters, Mercury Marine, Vexus Boats, Bioenno Power Lithium, Genesis Graphics, Genesis Window Tinting, Jims Pro Bass Tackle, Comfortroll, Lowrance, Sunline, CC Marine, GSM Outdoors, Big Bite Baits, Bill Lewis Fishing, Buckeye Lures, BuckNBass and Fisherman’s Warehouse

Beyond the Boat: Ken Mah as an Industry Beacon

Mah’s accomplishments extend well beyond the water. Recognized as a leading ambassador for the sport, he’s known for his extensive role as a motivator and role model. Ken’s presence is felt at trade shows, demo rides, truck sales, content creation, and social media engagement. He dedicates time to speaking with youth and embodies the positive spirit of bass fishing.

Choosing the BAM Pro Tour: A Vision for Legacy

Ken Mah’s decision to join the 2024 BAM Pro Tour is rooted in his desire to leave a lasting impact on the sport. “I want to be known as somebody who made the industry better,” says Mah. His philosophy is to live up to the values instilled by his parents, embracing the responsibilities and criticisms that come with leadership.

Building the Future: Outworkem and Whatsyourlegacy

Ken is not just participating in the tour; he’s committed to building it, contributing to a platform where anglers can strive and achieve. His hashtags, outworkem and whatsyourlegacy, are more than social media captions—they are the principles that guide his life and career.

Casting Forward: The Journey Continues

As we look towards the 2024 BAM Pro Tour, Ken Mah stands ready to compete, contribute, and continue shaping the future of bass fishing. With a storied career behind him and an inspiring vision ahead, he remains a figure of excellence and an ambassador for the sport he loves.

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