Powerboat Talk Hosts Speedonthewater.com Partners For Podcast Episode No. 40

Powerboat Talk Hosts Speedonthewater.com Partners For Podcast Episode No. 40

Not that anyone reading Speedonthewater.com on a regular basis is clamoring to hear, let alone see, what my partner Matt Trulio and I have to say about our business, this industry and the events, people and products surrounding the powerboat community, but guess what? You get to thanks to episode No. 40 of the Powerboat Talk podcast hosted by boat enthusiast Joe Rode.

Click this link or the image above to watch the Powerboat Talk podcast on YouTube featuring Matt Trulio and Jason Johnson of speedonthewater.com.

First off, we appreciate the invitation and the hospitality from Rode, a longtime friend and supporter of speedonthewater.com and, like us, a Powerboat magazine alum. Second, I must apologize to Rode for not promoting the podcast he’s worked his ass off on for the past year, especially after discussing doing a story about it and joining him on it for, well, about the last 11 months. I’ve listened and watched quite a few of the episodes he’s produced, and I have enjoyed—and learned from—each one.

Not all of them have piqued my interest, but I guarantee you each one is informative and thought-provoking. When your pool of interviewees includes boatbuilders from Eliminator Boats, Schiada Boats, Marine Technology Inc., Tuff Marine, Rogers Jet Boats and DCB Performance Marine, and racers from classes such as cracker box, drag boats, hydroplanes, offshore, tunnel boats, circle boats and more—plus industry notables such as Fred Kiekhafer, Tim Seelbold, Don Onken and Shaun Torrente—you can’t go wrong.

Don’t let our ugly mugs deter you from learning a little speedonthewater.com history—listen to the podcast here.

It’s been cool to see how Rode has grown the podcast since starting it a little more than a year ago with his Welcome to Powerboat Talk episode on March 22, 2023, in which he stated his goal was to talk shop with people behind the scenes who are into fast boats. And he’s done just that, reaching well beyond our Speed on the Water community. In fact, he’s interviewed so many different types of boaters, including ski racers, bottom design experts, photographers, race directors and even media folks like us and Ray Lee of Speedboat magazine.

The gearhead, or knucklehead depending on who you ask, was inspired to start these discussions because he wished he could have spent more time with people around him who left this world too soon. An example Rode used in his original episode was Ed Borges of Eddie Marine, with whom he worked closely for decades. What he wouldn’t give to have an hour or more of Ed’s time to forever be captured in a podcast.

Wrapping this up—because I know you can’t wait to go listen to Episode No. 40 of Powerboat Talk—I’d like to acknowledge Rode for spending the time to bring together such a special and eclectic group in the boating industry. We had a great time reminiscing and we appreciate the positive feedback on the 2023 Year In Review magazine. Thanks for inviting Matt and me to do this with you buddy and keep up the good work.

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