New Soft Plastic from Jackall

Adapting to the prevalent conditions is key to success in any fishing situation, and few artificial lures provide the versatility of a soft plastic jerkbait. Unequaled in the diversity of places it can fish, the new Jackall Rhythm Wag delivers the perfect body shape, balance and flexible hook placement that anglers demand to refine productive techniques for challenging situations.

With its narrow and elongated body profile featuring minute ridges tapering to a horizontal split tail, the Rhythm Wag delivers a unique darting motion and quivering action that is ideal for an unlimited number of applications in both freshwater and saltwater environments. Utilizing a two-layer pouring technique comprising a denser, high-gravity material in its lower half, the Rhythm Wag maintains a stable action and upright posture when twitched and shimmies enticingly as it falls. Adding density to the belly also enables long casts, even with a weightless rig. The soft design also allows the bait to land quietly on the water’s surface, barely making a splash upon entry.

A lure’s size, shape and design often limit its working depth and action, yet the soft-bodied Rhythm Wag allows for versatile presentations in different scenarios to cover the entire water column effectively. The top of the Rhythm Wag features a slot to keep the hook hidden, which takes the guesswork out of gauging the proper distance for hook insertion. Another hook slot built into the rear of the bait allows for easy rigging for a back-slide technique, enabling the jerkbait to glide backward under cover where true trophies lurk. Jackall’s Rhythm Wag allows easy penetration and high hookup rates regardless of the day’s requirements.

The Rhythm Wag is exceptionally versatile whether the water is deep or shallow, clean or stained. Rigged Texas-style with a wide gap worm hook, the Rhythm Wag can fish in the heaviest of cover, darting like an injured baitfish with every subtle sweep of the rod tip. The newest offering from Jackall is perfect for a drop shot rig and excels at imitating natural forage in a wide range of environments. The deception is subtle, and the Rhythm Wag appears vulnerable while anchored within the strike zone, perfectly balanced with its unique density to achieve an upright posture that elicits bites from finicky fish.

Further separating itself from most soft plastic jerkbaits, the Rhythm Wag is available in nine colors inspired by nature: Blue Pearl Shad, Bluegill/Pearl White, Alewife, Golden Shad, Goby, Green Pumpkin Pepper, Prism Shad, Sexy Albino and SS Shad. As versatile as they are effective, Jackall Rhythm Wag soft plastic jerkbaits are available in 3.5- and 4.5-inch varieties with an MSRP of $5.99. Look for the Jackall Rhythm Wag in the ICAST New Product Showcase in the Freshwater Soft Bait category, and visit Booth 2244 at ICAST 2022 to learn more about all the innovative new offerings from Jackall.