Landing School launches Boatyard Management program

Landing School launches Boatyard Management program

The Landing School has announced the launch of a new academic program. Starting this fall, it will offer Boatyard Management, a program focused on management in the marine industry.

Boatyard Management is a second-year program in which students will learn management principles by managing the work of a simulated boatyard. “This new program is the first of its kind, making the Landing School uniquely qualified to provide the Marine Industry with managers in training, essentially graduating a workforce that is ready to mentor other employees,” said school president Sean Fawcett.  

To prepare for the new program, the Landing School has expanded its boatyard capabilities with the purchase of a Hostar hydraulic trailer, a one-ton pickup truck, and a forklift. 

“As our Marine Systems program has evolved to provide students with practical, hands-on experience through meaningful project boat work, the school is looking more and more like a functioning boatyard” said Fawcett. “We will leverage this environment to teach business and project management principles by having students manage the work of a boatyard.”

The program is open to students who have completed one of the other programs, including Wooden Boat Building, Composite Boat Building, Marine Systems, or Yacht Design.

Jeff Stack of Maine Yacht Center said, “…the new Boatyard Management program will work to instill confidence in technicians as they rise through their boatyard careers, as well as bring structure to the many complexities unique to marine management.”

“My technicians are constantly managing projects and customer communications,” said Stephanie Makoujy of Portland Yacht Services. “Having a technician who is capable of understanding the customer’s needs and expectations throughout a repair or refit is critical to the overall success of the team. I think anyone participating in the Boatyard Management program will have the framework necessary to ensure this customer/technician relationship can flourish.”


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