Epoch Boats Skiff Series

Fast, foiling electric boats.

by Kevin Koenig

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Photos Courtesy of Kevin Koenig

And if you can achieve that end aboard a boat that has a tiny carbon footprint, even better for you, as well as the generations that follow behind you.

To that end, meet the Epoch Boats Skiff Series, a line of high-performance electric boats that are specifically designed to run highly efficiently using electric propulsion. They are also super affordable, with a base price for the 14-footer starting at a scant $35,000 (other options include larger 16- and 18-foot models). The hulls have hydrofoils that deploy to 15 inches deep and that lift the boat out of the water, increasing electric motor speed by 50% and the range by three times. At full go, these boats can hit 30 mph with active stabilization for a smooth ride using the innovative system. When the foils are not in use, they tuck up against the hull, giving the boats just a measly 4 inches of draft, turning nearly any body of water into a navigable one.

Equipped with electric outboards, Epochs are also incredibly quiet vessels, run with zero emissions, and can reduce fuel costs by 96% annually, according to the builder.

Hull colors are a fun option to help set your boat apart. Layouts are also customizable, depending on uses for the boat, which might include as a fishing boat or a tender. Options include an extended range battery pack, side or center console steering and throttle, a casting deck and a shallow water anchor.

Epoch is currently finalizing prototype testing, with full commercial availability by early 2023 for customers that sign up on its waitlist. With these fun entry-level boats, Epoch is looking to energize the small boating segment with an electric boat that’s both fun and efficient.


  • LOA: 14′, 16′ or 18′
  • Beam: 74″ – 84″ at deck
  • Dry Weight: 375 – 675 lbs.
  • Power: 15 hp – 60 hp electric equivalent motors
  • MSRP: Starting at $35,000
  • Website: epochboats.com

Source: https://lakelandboating.com/epoch-boats-skiff-series/