5 Tips for Navigating Market Volatility

5 Tips for Navigating Market Volatility


5 Important Tips for Navigating the Volatility

Weekly Market Outlook
By Keith Schneider and Donn Goodman

We hope that you and your families had an enjoyable and relaxing Labor Day holiday weekend.  It is because of what you do, or have done, and the service Americans provide that keeps us the most prosperous and productive society in the world, making great advances daily all while maintaining our freedom and liberties.  Thank you as well for being a frequent reader of our column here in Southern Boating Magazine.

We are facing a great number of headwinds.  Someone we follow had a commentary last weekend that said “wake me up after September.”  I will cover some of the upcoming challenges we may be facing.  However, I always think it best to listen to what Mish has to say.  She knows far more than me about the market phases, economic backdrop and where to emphasize your attention.  Please review her great appearances recently with Neil Cavuto and on Bloomberg TV.  We have provided the links below.

Will the Selloff Based on the Hawkish Fed Continue?

How Bitcoin and NASDAQ Trade in Tandem

Now that Jackson Hole is Done, What’s Next?

Click here for more media clips from Mish

I, Donn, am fortunate that my partners allow me to contribute some of my own personal thoughts and experiences.  I had one this past week.

I was invited to a lunch meeting on Thursday that was at a yacht club right outside downtown Cleveland near the private airport that will be used for the Annual Air Show held over the holiday weekend.

To my surprise and delight, the Blue Angels were practicing their maneuvers during lunch time. If you have not seen them perform, it is a spectacular sight to see.  The Blue Angels are part of the US Navy.  They have been performing at this annual show since 1964.

These accomplished Naval and Marine men and women perform from March to November each year.  The estimate is that 11 million direct spectators view their acrobatics.  During the show (and the practice) they fly up to 700 mph, but won’t go over that speed to avoid creating a sonic boom.  When flying together at those speeds, the closest they will fly to another plane is 18 inches.  Since 2000 they have been flying Boeing F/A 18 Super Hornet aircraft.

What they do is very dangerous, and they are the best of the best.  It is important for the military to be able to demonstrate how talented and well prepared our military is.  The Blue Angels are used as a PR campaign.  This type of US military aircraft demonstrations began in 1946.

While watching them directly above me (the sound was deafening) they were so close we could smell the jet fuel.  As we witnessed the loops, dives, climbs and sideway movements, it reminded me of the stock and bond market movements recently.  Upside down.

To have a positive outcome in their flight and planned precision aerobatics, the Blue Angel need to use the headwinds for maneuverability.

The stock and bond markets are no different.  (MarketGauge still has several investment strategies that are positive year-to-date against the current headwinds) . Talk to Rob Quinn our Product Specialist to get more information on all of the investment strategies MarketGauge offers along with the 6 that are producing positive returns year-to-date. 

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