2023 Supreme S220

2023 Supreme S220

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The smaller sibling of Supreme’s S240, the all-new S220 is an all-around wake-making machine designed to provide more bang for less bucks, and it delivers on several fronts, and in a size that can be more approachable for a lot of buyers.

Supreme S220 wakesurfing
The S220 can create a mellow, beginner-friendly wave, or a steeper one suited to advanced riders.
Garrett Cortese

While the “S” moniker has been in the Supreme lineup for years, the latest iteration is anything but similar to its predecessors. The S220, along with its bigger 24-foot sister, features higher freeboard, a hybrid bow shape, and a clean hullside and sheerline that give it a solid, defined look on the water. Simply put, the S220 looks like it can create some serious wakes and waves, and thanks to its all-new running surface, it does.

Supreme S220 bow seating
The wide bow offers plenty of space for two adults and extra storage. Garrett Cortese

The EZ-V hull is similar to the Opti-V hull from sister company Centurion, which features 30 degrees of deadrise at the stem and 20 degrees at the transom. This gives the S220 a solid and smooth ride in choppy waters and helps the transom displace more water, in turn helping to create sizable and symmetrical wakes and waves. Combine the EZ-V hull with up to 4,400 pounds of internal ballast capacity and room for 12 on board, and the S220 is capable of producing wakes and waves for beginners to advanced riders and all those in between.

Of course, displacing water is only part of the equation when it comes to turning the wake into a wakeboarder or wakesurfer’s playground. To help shape the wave and give it a clean riding surface, Supreme employs the QuickSurf Pro system—automated tabs on the port and starboard sides of the transom—and the Stinger Wake Plate, an automated tab at the center. The QuickSurf Pro plates deploy in the water to elevate one side of the S220 and displace the other, thereby creating a clean, surfable wave. The Stinger Wake Plate can trim up or down to adjust the wave’s height and length. With a smaller load on board, the wakeboard wakes still provide plenty of punch for beginner and intermediate riders. Fill up the ballast and bring some friends along, and more-advanced riders will have no problem catching big air. Surfers of all shapes and sizes are treated to a wave that has plenty of push and only gets stronger with more displacement from the boat. With a couple of setting adjustments—mainly through the Stinger Wake Plate—the S220 can go from a mellow, beginner-friendly wave to a steeper one more suited for advanced riders working on a variety of tricks.

Supreme S220 helm
Supreme’s OmniTouch 7-inch touchscreen is front and center at the helm. Garrett Cortese

On board the S220, the 12 crewmembers are provided plenty of comfort with the Spradling vinyl interior that, thanks to its 17-mil topcoat, is also made to take a beating. With the higher freeboard, the seating is deep and comfortable. Storage is abundant underneath all the seating areas, along with wakesurf board holders in the extended Bimini top and board racks on the tower. Speaking of the tower, our test model was equipped with Roswell’s Battle Ax, which complemented the lines of the boat very well. It also features accent panels that can be customized with colors to match the boat, allowing customers to add their own personal touch when buying a new boat.

At the helm, the captain has access to a simple, easy-to-use layout. While multiple touchscreens can be cool, they can also get confusing, especially for new boaters worrying about towing riders and getting wakes and waves dialed in. Supreme’s 7-inch touchscreen is front and center, with easy-to-access menus for adjusting all the S220’s onboard systems. Analog toggle switches make it even easier to control necessities, like the blower, bilge and lighting. The PCM 409 engine provided plenty of torque for getting on plane and burned a stingy 5.2 gph at wakesurf speeds.

The S220 transom is nicely equipped with a large sun-pad area over the engine and rear storage compartments, which is great for lounging at the sandbar. Two small lockers are easily accessible from the swim step and can be utilized for storing wet gear, like ropes and handles, or as coolers if you add ice. Built-in drains prevent the lockers from filling with water.

Supreme S220 sunpad
Aft seating is plentiful and luxurious. Garrett Cortese

When comparing the S220 against others in the market, you could check out the all-new Axis T220, which has room for 15 on board and is equipped with parent company Malibu’s Surf Gate and Power Wedge systems.

Overall, the S220 is a solid, all-around watersports boat ideally suited for those looking to break into the wakeboat market. With plenty of room for family and friends, a sizable 70-gallon fuel capacity to ensure the on-water fun lasts all day, and a size that’s easier to tow, store and maneuver around docks, the S220 checks a lot of boxes. If you’re in the market, be sure to take a close look.

How We Tested

  • Engine: GM Marine L96 6.0L 409 hp
  • Drive/Prop: Inboard/Acme 16″ x 13″
  • Gear Ratio: 1.72:1 Fuel Load: 25 gal. Crew Weight: 540 lb.

High Points

  • QuickSurf Pro can be customized multiple ways to dial in waves for all riding styles and preferences.
  • Outside the Box (OTB) vinyl pattern adds a unique look while providing resistance to overheating.
  • Transom storage compartments are great for wet items or can be used as coolers when you’re beached.

Low Points

  • Position of the tower can make it difficult to get the rope on and off.

Pricing and Specs

Price: $119,991 (as tested; excludes freight and prep)
LOA: 22’0″
Beam: 8’6″
Draft: 3’0″
Displacement: 5,400 lb.
Ballast: 4,400 lb.
Transom Deadrise: 20 degrees
Fuel Capacity: 70 gal.
Max Horsepower: NA
Available Power: GM Marine V-drive to 465 ft.-lb. torque

Speed, Efficiency, Operation

Supreme S220 performance data
Supreme S220 Certified Test Results Boating Magazine

Supreme Boats – Valdosta, Georgia; 229-266-2062; supremetowboats.com

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