10 Reasons Why Fishing Is Good for You

Fishing is said to be therapeutic and also a great way to bond with your family and friends. Even with modern technology being wrapped all around us, people still go fishing for the love of the sport or to take a break from the realities of life.

Plus, you get to eat various kinds of tasty fish delicacies while enjoying a serene and picturesque view. There are more reasons why fishing is good for you. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1.                   It’s an Easy Sport

If you’re a newbie or a pro, fishing is actually a very simple sport. All you need is fishing equipment, a boat, and a charter, and you’re good to go.

You don’t need to attend any special classes for fishing. However, if you still need to know the basic process, you have the technology to access everything you need to know right in your pocket.

Though fishing is a simple and easy-to-learn sport, you get to learn the many methods used for fishing. Fishing Methods like hand-gathering, netting, spearfishing, angling, or trapping are all different techniques that anglers use to catch fish.

Recreational anglers like yourself use the angling technique, whereas commercial ones use netting or trapping.

2.                  You May Get to Eat Delicious and Healthy Fish

Pomfret, Halibut, Tilapia, Catfish, and Alaskan Cod are among the ones that are considered the best fish to fry. Salmon is perfect when baked or smoked, while others taste good when grilled. After that, try the curry too!

From steamed fish to fried fish, pescatarian dishes are exceptionally delicious but healthy too. Certain fishes, like the Salmon or Lake Trout, are packed with omega-3 fatty acids. They are also rich in vitamin B12. Fish help lower blood pressure and reduce strokes and heart disease risk.

Eating fish is also beneficial for those who are maintaining a balanced diet to lose weight. It is low in calories and cholesterol and high in protein which makes it the perfect meal for health-conscious people.

3.                  Therapeutic

Nature is a powerful tool in eliminating anxiety and stress. It helps you unwind and provide a different perspective on life. Imagine yourself in a quiet and peaceful lake with only the wind and water breaking the silence.

Many recreational anglers plan fishing trips when they need a break from life. So whenever you get the opportunity, take that break and go fishing.

Owning a boat and fishing equipment can be costly, but the good news is that you don’t have to buy the equipment; you can rent them. It’ll make your fishing experience easier and hassle-free.

4.                   Promotes Bonding

Trapped in a work and school routine loop, you hardly get to spend time with your family and friends. You often hear complaints from the elderly about not visiting them enough. Or maybe you’re not hanging out with your friends enough.

Going on a fishing trip will promote that social and personal bonding among you and lessen the distance created by time. With your friends, you’ll get to make new memories and have fun challenging each other.

Your grandparents or any other elders who love fishing can help you learn a thing or two about the sport.

5.                   Getting Physical

Smartphones and television streaming services have hogged our lives to the point that we have become couch potatoes. Physical inactivity has been and still is the number one cause of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

While fishing may not seem much of a workout but it’s the best low-impact cardio exercise you can start from ground zero.

If you’re fishing on a boat, fishing can become complicated and strenuous. You’ll use your leg and thigh muscles to stand upright and your arm muscles to throw the rod and pull in fish. It can quickly become exhausting, so if you’re new, it’d be best to try to catch fish on land first.

Fresh oxygen is in limited supply these days, with pollution occurring everywhere in cities. When going fishing, you’ll get to visit less polluted areas and will be able to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy a scenic view on the way.

Vitamin D boosts your immune system and strengthens your bones. Fishing is a great way to catch some vitamin D from the morning sun. With so many benefits, how can you say no to fishing?

6.                   Fishing: A Lifetime Skill

Teach a man to fish; you’d have fed him for a lifetime. Fishing teaches you some skills that’ll always be stored in your mind.

You get to learn perseverance, survival skills, new fishes to explore, and new types of knots to master; the learning list is endless. It is an activity enjoyed by people of all ages and plays an essential role in personal and social development.

Fishing can also improve your self-esteem. When you catch a fish or two, it gives you a sense of achievement and fills you with positivity that you can take back with you to the hustle and bustle of life.

7.                   Can Be Educational

Your children will finally get off their smart devices as you take your family out fishing. This is the time for you to teach them or learn about fishing together (if you’re new to the sport). You’ll get to grow and learn together.

These memories are the ones that will remain with them. Fishing teaches them to respect nature and the environment. They can learn the names of various types of fish they catch. They’ll know where their food comes from.

 They’ll also get to know:

  • the types of fishing bait you can use,
  • how to attach it to the hook
  • how to descale and debone the fish, and most importantly,
  • the various ways to cook it.

 Let them catch one all on their own and witness the achievement on their face. It’s better than winning in a video game!

8.                   Teaches Patience

You might not be able to catch a fish on the very first day, but you could on the next. This is precisely why fishing is said to be therapeutic. It teaches you to have patience and not get hung up on expectations.

9.                   It’s Challenging

With family and friends, you can compete on who catches the most fish. The adventure starts when you have to make a challenging catch, but the fun you get to have and the personal achievement you’ll get when you catch it makes the trip worth it.

The thrill you get when you’re on the boat and the fish snags your bait is the main reason why most people opt to go fishing on a boat.

The big challenge is in using different methods to catch fish. Not all methods guarantee success. You may need to use different baits every time, such as worms, leeches, or grasshoppers.


10.            Just Plain Enjoyable!

From the long drive to chartering a boat, from renting and preparing equipment to catch a fish on the first try, all of these and much more will give you a sense of thrill and excitement you’d never thought you’d get while fishing.

You may also face disappointment when you fail to catch a fish for two days in a row. But that’s the beauty of fishing. It teaches you to be persistent, patient, and not to give up.

You’ll get to enjoy so many experiences on a fishing trip that you’ll fail to have if you’re going to watch a movie, for example.

The trip with family and friends would become fun, enjoyable, and educational. You’ll get to experience happiness and disappointment, all in one go, but isn’t that what life’s all about?  

In a Nutshell

Fishing is a sport that is recommended for people of all ages. It is a good exercise and a bonding medium where the end result is happiness and a tasty, healthy dish.

Take the time out from your busy schedule to go fishing with your family and friends, catch up on old and new stories, and expect to have unexpected adventures with your loved ones when fishing! Soak in the sun, breathe fresh air, and just unplug yourself from the rest of the world.

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