Your 2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For Every Boater

Your 2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For Every Boater
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Add to your wish list with some help from Southern Boating’s 2023 Holiday Gift Guide.

2023 Holiday Gift Guide

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A Marlow Yacht on still water

We don’t just build yachts, we handcraft a legend. All Marlow Explorers are conceived, engineered, and constructed utilizing state-of-the-art technology and three elements required for exceptional works of mankind: heads, hands, and heart. Our full-service facilities are backed with management and staff who are motivated and mentally invested artisans. We build the finest yachts for people; not focus groups or committees. Contact us today to start building your legend.

Petit's Captain's Varnish Aerosol

Pettit’s Captain’s Varnish 1015 is a spar varnish and provides a warm, light amber hue that will enhance your brightwork’s appearance. This product can be used for exterior or interior applications and offers fantastic UV protection. Captain’s Varnish is easy to apply, flexible, durable, and offers outstanding gloss retention. Captain’s Varnish is available in multiple sizes including an ALL-NEW aerosol that is perfect for detail work, small projects, and touch-ups. MSRP $29.99;

Nau-T girl JewleryNau-T-Girl Jewelry, a signature line of maritime-inspired elegance, is crafted with precision in sterling silver. Each piece embodies nautical charm. The Propeller Pendant boasts intricate detailing, a testament to the brand’s artistry. The Anchor/Propeller Ring melds strength and grace, a perfect emblem of maritime spirit. Completing the ensemble is the Hook Anklet, a fusion of style and symbolism. Adorned with Rhodium, these creations gleam with timeless allure. For those seeking opulence, the collection is also available in 14K gold. Nau-T-Girl, a trademarked beacon in designer nautical jewelry, beckons you to sail the seas of style. MSRP $84 (pendant), $87 (ring), $113 (anklet);

The Bahamas map is available as a print on canvas or glossy poster, in a variety of sizes. Island Map Store has more than 100 beautiful nautical wall maps featuring areas of the Bahamas, Caribbean, and coastal regions of the USA. Maps are available in both blue and earth tones to match any décor and adorn your wall proudly! Makes a great gift for the boater in your life. MSRP $50-140;

Bahamas Map

The Siren 3 Pro makes the boating experience better and more secure than ever. Siren Marine’s smart boat monitoring system allows boaters to remotely track their boats’ location, engine, temperature, bilge pump activity, battery levels, water levels, shore power status, and more. Control lights, A/C, and other systems and access digital switching with the touch of a button so that your boat is at your fingertips. Together with the easy-to-use Siren Marine mobile app, the Siren 3 Pro connects you to your boat anywhere, anytime. Have peace of mind and enjoy stress-free boating. Welcome to the Connected Boat. MSRP $797;

Hose Hut Dock Hose System is a complete dock hose management system comprising a 100-foot reinforced expandable hose, 6-foot convenience and 4-foot supply hoses (both made of 316 marine-grade stainless steel), thumb-controlled Ergo nozzle sprayer, solid brass quick connects, and y-valve. The hose and components are stored inside a compact, sleek hut, which has the highest UV protection available. The expandable hose is specifically designed for the Hose Hut system and is superior to any other hose on the market. The lockable Hut can be attached to a dock or other surfaces. MSRP $295;

A.G.A. Correa & Son Fish Float Sphere Pendant is 18k yellow gold hand-twisted ropework providing a frame around a 16mm Aqua Chalcedony sphere. The ropework is finished with three twists of 18k yellow gold and attached to a handmade 18k rope pendant eye. Chalcedony is composed of the minerals quartz and moganite; the aqua color of each stone will vary. Pendant chain sold separately. MSRP $2,100;

The DTS+Mobile FCI Dockside Washdown Solution provides purified spot-free water from a municipal source for rinsing. Intelligent controls monitor service. Simply choose between filter saving bypass washing mode or purified spot-free water for rinsing. The DTS+ Mobile purifies by removing up to 99 percent of total dissolved solids. Twenty percent lighter than most, DTS+ Mobile ends tedious, time-consuming maintenance extending the life of your chrome, glass, paint, and wax finishes. Crew spends less time wiping down, polishing, and applying compounds. Eliminates pitting and water spot etching. With zero hard-water buildup, maintain your rods, toys, and appliances, and make your interior shine. MSRP $7,500; [email protected]

Magic offers a unique opportunity to own a Marlow yacht in time for the holidays. This beautiful 2020 Marlow Explorer 66E is a low-hour Explorer in Bristol condition. She’s possibly the finest yacht in her class on the market today. Long-distance cruise like a trawler or cross the gulf stream at 20 knots. She has three staterooms, three heads, and a comfortable crew cabin with a seating area. MSRP upon request;

In a sea of same old, same old, it’s time for a change. Pettit ProPoxy 2K aerosol is a two component, acrylic urethane topcoat engineered for maximum gloss and durability. ProPoxy’s premium-grade formula cures to a durable, ultra-high-gloss finish that resists staining, blistering, and chemical damage. For a stunning finish and superior durability, ProPoxy component aerosols have you covered! MSRP $129;

Has this ever happened to you? You are all set for a great boating day out on the water.  The marine unit happens to be making safety checks in your area and as luck would have it, you are selected. They find expired marine flares! It’s easy to lose track of the expiration date. The Flare Countdown is a visual aid about the size of a credit card programmed to remind you that your marine flares are reaching the manufacturer’s expiration. The Flare Countdown is just as important as the cooler you loaded on the boat! MSRP $19.95;

Timepieces International has spent many years mastering and perfecting the construction and design of our watches. Here, we bring you our best-selling Renegade Blue men’s chronograph watch by Daniel Steiger. 

This super-popular timepiece is the epitome of style and sporty design, featuring a durable rubber strap that will withstand everything the elements throw at it, as well as three precision sub-dials featuring split-second, second, and minute. Our watches are also covered by a five-year movement warranty, ensuring accurate timekeeping for years to come. MSRP $99 with promo code: SB3NRG;

Swiss luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer offers two elegant timepieces: the Connected 45 mm Bright Black Edition and the Connected 42 mm Golden Bright Edition. Encased in a black DLC sandblasted grade 2 titanium case, the 45 mm Bright Black Edition boasts a steel crown surrounded by rubber designed to enhance grip and functionality. Its ceramic bezel is adorned with golden lacquer and PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition. The leather/rubber strap combines comfort and style. 

Golden lacquer details embellish the crown and pushers. The Golden Bright Edition is encased in a rose golden PVD steel case with alternate finishes. The full leather strap boasts a combination of black and red lining, and the domed sapphire crystal protects the exquisite dial. With its 42 mm size, this timepiece has a unisex appeal. Both offer an exclusive watch face called “TONOS” which comes with 10 different colors intricately associated with golden indexes and complications. Both timepieces are water resistant up to 50 meters and are presented in an elegant black box. MSRP upon request;

Southern Boating apparel and headwear are perfect for every day on the water. Comfortable options include cotton or performance T-shirts and our popular Pelican Joe cap. Visit our online store to order merchandise from this unique collection chosen exclusively for Southern Boating readers. MSRP varies;

Ricoh WG-80 All-weather digital camera in orangeRICOH WG-80 is a durable, lightweight, and waterproof compact digital camera that produces super-high-resolution photos and high-definition (HD) video and is optimized for use in rugged conditions. Equipped with a 5x optical zoom and a large, outdoor-friendly, wide-frame LCD monitor, the new camera makes it easy to capture photos and video of adventures on land, under the sea, or in any challenging environment. MSRP $329.95;

Come visit the 50th Anniversary Stuart Boat Show January 12-14, 2024! Set against the stunning backdrop of Florida’s Treasure Coast, this show promises an unforgettable experience. Secure your tickets now to explore an array of yachts, boats, and marine accessories, all while enjoying entertainment and gourmet cuisine. Whether you’re a seasoned boater or dreaming of life on the water, this show has something for everyone. MSRP $18 adults, $8 children ages 12 and younger per ticket;

Ricoh's Sd 7x42 ED series binoculars in blackPENTAX JUPITER series of porro-prism binoculars comprise four different models featuring large-aperture objective lenses to ensure a bright, clear field of vision, even in low-light conditions, such as outdoors at dusk, at night, or at indoor events. With a choice of magnifications ranging from 8x to 16x, users can find a PENTAX JUPITER series model that best suits their needs and intended applications, whether it’s astronomical observation, wildlife viewing, or another boat in the distance. MSRP from $79;

Embark on your next adventure with the BERM Tanto Flipper Knife from TRUE Knives. At the heart of the BERM Tanto Flipper Knife lies a 3.5-inch Tanto stainless steel blade crafted to deliver strength and durability. Featuring a caged ball-bearing pivot system, this knife enables smooth and effortless deployment, ensuring quick access to the blade whenever needed. The liner lock mechanism provides reliable security, keeping the blade firmly in place during use and minimizing the risk of accidental closure. The knife boasts a handle made from G10, a high-performance material known for its exceptional strength and resistance to impact and moisture, offering a comfortable and secure grip. A four-position pocket clip allows users to choose their preferred carry option to ensure the knife is always within easy reach. MSRP $39.99;

Papa’s Pilar Rye-Finished Rum, the ultra-premium rum brand inspired by legendary novelist Ernest Hemingway, is made using the brand’s Dark Rum, which is blended with rums sourced from Barbados, Dominican Republic, Panama, Venezuela, and Florida. The rum is
further finished in once-used straight rye whiskey barrels made from heavily charred white oak. Papa’s Pilar Rye-Finished Rum offers an oak-forward taste with subtle hints of coffee, baking spices, and dark chocolate. Bottled at 43 percent alcohol by volume, the rum has a nose of oak, burnt sugar, dates, and baking spices, with a long and warm lingering finish of cacao and caramel. MSRP $49.99;

The Gateway Dry Bag is compact and perfect for onboard use to keep your phone, camera, and shoes dry. The 20L volume bag has a small, water-resistant external pocket for handheld items and includes a shoulder strap for easy transport. MSRP $50;

With the Fenwick Eagle rod series, including Bass, Salmon/Steelhead, Trout, and Walleye, anglers of all skill levels will love the combination of top-notch performance at an extremely affordable price point. No matter the species, how difficult the cast is, or challenging the conditions, it is game on when you feel the slightest tick. The rod is masterfully balanced, minimizing forearm fatigue thanks to the legendary Fenwick craftsmanship that allows you to experience a better in-hand feel while maximizing sensitivity, and as a result, miss fewer bites and catch more fish. MSRP from $99.95;

Floafers are a family-friendly athleisure shoe inspired by the classic loafer made of lightweight, breathable foam that is comfortable, convenient, and stylish. The water-friendly slip-on shoes are made of durable EVA foam and feature a flexible slip-resistant outsole that won›t scuff boat decks or galley floors. Inside, the foot bed features arch support and relaxing massage pods. They are naturally buoyant with ventilation ports for water to drain and when they get dirty, simply wash them with soap and water. Available in a wide range of colors and novelty prints. MSRP from $59.99;

The SITKA Drifter 75L duffel has enough room for plenty of gear. Rugged 150D TPU-coated rip-stop fabric in the main body and a waterproof 450D welded TPU coated rip-stop floor assure your gear is protected from the elements. Four side and one top carry handle as well as removable shoulder straps make carrying the bag easy. Available in four colors. MSRP $189;

The TINCUP Adventure Pack, a double-walled, stainless steel, reusable canteen filled with 375ml of TINCUP American Whiskey, is lightweight, recyclable, and goes where glass doesn’t—whether it’s on the boat, by the lake, at the beach, in the mountains, or along the trails. The Original TINCUP Whiskey is a marriage of two great American whiskeys: straight bourbon distilled in Indiana and Colorado single malt, each aged in charred oak barrels. TINCUP is a true mountain whiskey, cut to proof with Rocky Mountain water and bottled at an elevation of 5,251 feet. MSRP $29.99;

Whitewater Fishing’s Rapids Fishing Shorts employs a poly/spandex blended fabric, treated with Durable Water Repellent, that delivers four-way stretch for maximum mobility while maintaining fit. Functional features include three open pockets and two zip-closure pockets to keep your most important items secure. The shorts sport a zip-fly with a button closure, belt loops, and a comfortable 9-inch inseam. Available in waist sizes from 30 to 42 inches. Colors include Marine Blue and Beach. MSRP $59.99;

Ferragamo Timepieces’ Swiss-made Double Gancini Mini is a women’s watch characterized by the refined lines of the rectangular case and the modular bracelet, featuring two-dimensional Gancini motifs. The white or black enamel finish embellishes the dial and bracelet, creating a sophisticated play of light and contrasting colors against the yellow or pink gold case. The indexes are marked by four decorative micro studs, while the crown is adorned by Ferragamo’s signature red cabochon. Water resistant to 30 meters. MSRP from $1,395;

ISLE’s Explorer Pro is a longer, narrower paddleboard that delivers better speed and glide over long distances. Built for longer tours, the Explorer is ideal for users looking to increase time and distance on the water. Available in two models, a 12-foot and 14-foot board, the Explorer can also double as a single or double kayak. MSRP $995 (12-foot), $1,095 (14-foot);

Junedays offers a line of purpose-built and aesthetic accessories for boating and entertaining outdoors. The products, which include a range of foldable coolers and storage solutions, are designed to be compact, modular, stylish, and durable, enhancing the experience of anyone preparing for a day on the water, and ultimately encouraging more people to connect with each other outside. All products are water-resistant, wipeable, modular, and collapsible. Some products offered in multiple colors to help you visually organize your onboard necessities. They are thoughtfully designed to be multifunctional with small spaces in mind and provide a stylish, unique look. MSRP from $38;

Engineered with superior Lateral Line lens technology, the Fin-Nor Sportfisher sunglasses are made for long days outside with lightweight, flexible materials, adjustable nose pads, and integrated spring hinges. The lenses come with an oleophobic/hydrophobic top and bottom coat, which greatly reduces the effects of smudging, scratching, water spray, dust, and more. The low-profile side shields provide protection from the sun while also allowing for maximum airflow throughout the frame, allowing for a lifestyle look off the water too. MSRP from $189;

The Huk Diamondback Shirt combines a sharp and versatile style that transitions effortlessly from the water to any social setting. Crafted from an advanced nylon/spandex blend, this shirt offers a remarkable four-way stretch, ensuring unrestricted movement and unparalleled comfort during long fishing expeditions or a night out on the town. Its water-resistant properties and vented back yoke guarantee that anglers stay dry and comfortable in any weather conditions. Other features include full stain resistance, built-in UPF 50+ sun protection, an interior eyewear wipe, hidden snap collars, and edge-stitched pocket seams and side seams.

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