Y9 Pilot House

Y9 Pilot House

Our Y9 serves as a symbol of individuality where each vessel has its unique charm. The allure of the Y9 lies in its adaptability, enabling personalized layouts and equipment.

Impressively, the Y9 encapsulates the spaciousness of a 100-foot yacht within a sleek 90-foot frame, offering customers three captivating versions to choose from-Y9,Y9 Pilot House and Y9 Custom.

We proudly present the new Y9 Pilot House – our latest achievement. It’s officially launched and is cruising smoothly since last May. Join us in celebrating this impressive addition to our line-up, where elegant design meets high-performance sailing.

Y9 Pilot House

The Y9 Pilot House is the upgraded, second, version of our Y9 series, designed with a beautiful deckhouse that fills its interior with natural light and offers a panoramic view of the sea.

With a carefully planned lay-out, it provides an ideal space for families and friends to enjoy luxurious voyages.

Y9 Pilot House © Nico Martinez

Renowned designer Andrew Winch and his accomplished team have left no detail unattended in crafting an atmosphere below deck that radiates sophistication. Each element has been thoughtfully curated, ensuring a very elegant atmosphere. It is an open invitation to dive into a world of a very comfortable and timeless style.

Y9 Pilot House ©Nico Martinez

The salon features a dual-level design for optimal comfort. The elevated dining area provides a clear view through large windows, while the lower lounge area is bathed in natural light from hull and coachroof windows, and creates a welcoming space for relaxation


The Y9 Pilot House is not just a vessel; it is a masterpiece that takes sailing to a whole new level for those who are looking for absolute maritime luxury

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