Where Are The Reliable Returns?

Where Are The Reliable Returns?

Where Are The Reliable Returns? Secrets (and all important 4-Step Investment Resolutions) to Achieve Better Investment Performance!

Weekly Market Outlook
By Keith Schneider and Donn Goodman



Two weeks ago, I visited with my Mother (91 yrs. young) in Phoenix while on a business trip. On our way out to dinner with close friends, we passed a small Circle K gas station with an irresistible offer.

It was only Wednesday, and the Mega Millions lottery jackpot was already up over $1 billion. For a measly $2 ticket, I could earn a significant return on my small investment, and I felt comfortable with the risk associated with the potential drawdown.

My Mom said, “people usually win from small gas stations like this,” further building up my expectations that surely, I could purchase the winning ticket.

Truth be told, I invested $4 for two tickets to GREATLY increase my chances… or so I thought. Of course, I know that buying 2 tickets doesn’t increase my chances, but it definitely feels like it does.

Friday night came, and I looked with anticipation for the numbers to match my winning tickets. I think I had 1 of the 6 numbers. I was as disappointed as if I had put all my $ on Nvidia or Facebook at the beginning of 2022 (well $2 to 0 is worse on a percentage basis, I reckon).

Secrets to A Good Investment Outcome

I rarely play the lottery, but it started me thinking about a few very important concepts that resonate with everything we do at MarketGauge and Market Gauge Asset Management (MGAM) today:

  1. You have to be IN IT to WIN IT! Since I rarely play the lottery, why would I ever think I would win? It is probably those faithful people who are consistently dedicated and purchase lottery tickets every week. They are in the best position to REAP the rewards from having been at it for so long. (This may or may not be true).
  2. The lottery is a game of luck with odds that are astronomically against you from the start.
  3. Investing is about having a plan or a discipline and then working that plan diligently.
  4. Part of your plan might include using technical indicators, evaluating earnings and conducting fundamental research, possessing some sort of risk evaluation (i.e. gauges), or watching the charts and knowing exactly when it is safe to go in the water.
  5. Using risk management for your investments is mandatory. It may be more important than how you picked your investment.
  6. Implementing diversification. Incorporating disciplines that employ various investment edges to optimize investment results among various asset classes, capitalization weightings, and disparate sectors and industries.
  7. Probably most important is reducing your expectations. That might mean not stopping off at the out-of-the-way gas station with hope and prayer that you are the winner among millions of participants.

I share all this with you because the MarketGauge strategies and those uniquely blended by MGAM incorporate all the suggestions given above.

Do yourself a favor, evaluate the MarketGauge strategies, over the long-term. ALL of them have outperformed their respective benchmarks by not just a little, BUT A LOT!!!

In the spirit of “New Year” resolutions, click thru to read the all important 4-step resolution checklist for improving your investment returns in the market.  

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