Velocity Produces ‘Fastest’ Outboard-Powered 22 Punisher To Date

Velocity Produces ‘Fastest’ Outboard-Powered 22 Punisher To Date

The owner of Velocity Powerboats in Sanford, Fla., Scott McCormick gets understandably amped up talking about even the smallest product built by his high-performance V-bottom company in Sanford, Fla. And when we caught up with each other yesterday that’s exactly what he was excited about, the latest iteration of the Velocity 22 Punisher powered by a Mercury Racing 300R outboard engine.

The latest 22-footer from Velocity Powerboats is the fastest one yet.

McCormick had good reason to be stoked. Last week he ran the 22-footer to 93.1 mph at nearby Lake Monroe.

“It’s the fastest 22 Punisher ever,” McCormick said. “Most boats in this class with one 300R would run about 85 mph. I went to Lake X (in St. Cloud, Fla.) last Friday hoping they had some cleaver props because I think I could have popped 95 mph, but they didn’t have the size I needed.”

Said McCormick, “I think I could have popped 95 mph.”

The V-8 outboard was mounted on jack-plates with 10-inch setbacks from Bob’s Machine Shop. A 31-inch-pitch five-blade Mercury Racing Max5 propeller put the power to the water.








A closer look at the newest 22 Punisher from Velocity Powerboats.

The custom-painted infused, carbon-fiber boat is outfitted with shock-mitigating bucket seats, a worthy upgrade for a small V-bottom capable of reaching 90-plus mph. To create enough space for the seat hardware, McCormick explained, the company cut out the 22-footer’s existing sole and built a lower-in-the-hull “sub-sole.” That also lowered the boat’s center of gravity, he said.

Amenities include a seven-inch Simrad GPS screen and color-matched Livorsi Marine gauges, an eight-speaker Wet Sounds marine stereo system and custom MarineMat flooring.

Said McCormick, “It’s a bad-ass little boat.”

Even sitting still at the dock, the 22 Punisher looks fast.

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