Three Best Bass Marks in the UK | Bass Angler Magazine

Three Best Bass Marks in the UK | Bass Angler Magazine

Welcome to the latest guest article to appear on your favorite bass-angling spot on the internet. Regular readers of our articles will already know we love all things related to bass fishing, from highly recommended tackle to the newest technology. Bass fishing may seem like a leisurely pass time, and, on the right day when the fishing is just right, it’s exactly that: a fantastic leisurely pursuit. But a lot of effort goes into ensuring your fishing trip goes smoothly.

You must ensure you have the time in your diary to commit to fishing, and that’s easier for some bass fishing fans than others. Work and family commitments, health, and other social engagements must make way to create a free fishing day. All your thoughts, feelings, and energy are on catching bass. A remarkable fish, they’re not easy to land, but those lucky enough to catch a sizeable bass know it’s well worth the hard work and sacrifice.

Bass fishing is huge in the United States, but there’s also a vibrant international scene. It has become so popular in recent years you can even watch the professionals fish for bass across the globe with the biggest events live on TV, covered by the top sports betting sites. When we’re not fishing, we love watching bass fishing on TV at home or through a modern live stream on a mobile device.

Watch the action, follow the fishing, and consider predicting the outcome of the biggest bass fishing meets. Major sportsbooks offer odds, markets, and bonuses on bass fishing competitions. Use your knowledge of the scene and interest in fishing to call the winner and target a profit.

Take the show on the road

Watching live bass fishing at the best-known professional tournaments is great fun, but it doesn’t compare to getting out on the water and bagging a big catch. One thing we do enjoy about watching the action live on TV is picking up some ideas on new fishing spots. Where they send the professionals isn’t always available to hobbyists, even the most dedicated, but it does shine the spotlight on some new areas you could try this year.

Some of the best fishing spots for bass are in Michigan, Alabama, Texas, and Florida. But there’s also a thriving international circuit. Some of the best bass fishing spots are hidden away in the United Kingdom and remain a closely guarded secret until now. We have connected with some bass fishing enthusiasts in the United Kingdom and got the lowdown on some of the best spots for bass enthusiasts. Is it worth visiting the UK just for a fishing trip? You bet it is.

Great Britain boasts some of the best fishing in the world, and it’s a great location for specimen hunters. You can never be too sure what type of fish you’re going to pull to the surface. The size, colors, and species are often guesswork as you frantically reel and collect lines, edging closer to getting a good look at your prey. If you have business in the UK or fancy touching down in London for pure pleasure, the list below will help keep you on the right track.

There’s a fantastic bass fishing scene in England and throughout the UK, including in Scotland, where fishing is a popular hobby. Bass is often in waters that are warm all year round, and for that reason, many of the best bass fishing spots are on the southern coastline. Visit the likes of Weymouth, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, and Southampton for excellent fishing, especially if you’re targeting heavy bass with a willingness to fight hard and offer a challenge.


The jewel in the crown of UK bass fishing is Cornwall, and if you’re tight for time or funds and can only tick off one spot from this list, we recommend visiting Cornwall. It’s a great place to see, and you can camp there or find a lovely hotel or charming bed and breakfast. But the real enjoyment starts when you pass the long lines of tourists fishing for crabs off the side and target the world-renowned Cornwall bass.

The bays and rocks just west of St Ives will take you free of the holidaymakers and into some fantastic bass fishing. Most of the ancient coastline is easily accessible by car and on foot, allowing you to try a few different marks in West St Ives. We’re confident you’ll pull up some crackers when fishing from the beach or rocky outcrops.


Devon is famous for its Jurassic coast, with some areas of the sprawling coastline almost untouched by humans. That’s where you’ll find those big bass, and there’s no need to dig out a map and study the terrain. Get your rod, pack your tackle, and hike along the shore. We guarantee you’ll find many good bass marks.

We don’t want to spoil your Devon coastline adventure, as there are no poor spots to fish on the miles of beach and rocks. Finding marks and hidden gems is the most enjoyable part of fishing for bass in Devon. But if you’re in a rush, hit Noss Mayo hard for the best results.


We completed our list of three favorite bass fishing spots in the United Kingdom by moving to southwest Wales and Pembrokeshire. There are several established bass fishing marks, including at St Brides. The area is as rugged as Cornwall, as ancient as Devon, and as plentiful in bass as anywhere in the United Kingdom.

The ebb and flood of the tide allow anglers to see the underwater structures that attract bass in high numbers. Visit at low tide and spot your perfect mark, then return as the tide returns with your bait and lures. Anglers with time to spend in Wales may also find joy in fishing Tenby, Monkstone, and Giltar Points. All areas worth fishing in Pembrokeshire are accessible by road, public transport, and foot. Make your way to a popular beach, find a decent parking spot, and wander the coastline.

Tight lines, bass fishers visiting the UK this year.


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