Take a Hovercraft Across Lake Ontario Next Summer

Take a Hovercraft Across Lake Ontario Next Summer

There will be a new way to travel next summer. Hoverlink Ontario Inc. will be launching its rapid transit route between Toronto and the Niagara Region. This large-scale hovercraft service will move passengers across Lake Ontario, from Toronto to St. Catharines, in only 30 minutes — a journey that typically takes up to three hours by car or bus, or up to two hours by seasonal train service. These high-speed, eco-friendly and weatherproof hovercrafts are the first of their kind in North America, and run quieter than a standard dishwasher.

The hovercraft will travel 365 days a year, with up to 48 lake crossings per day. Each craft holds up to 180 passengers in a comfortable, climate-controlled cabin.

“We cannot wait to finally provide a fast, reliable and sustainable transportation solution that connects tourists and commuters in only 30 minutes,” says Chris Morgan, founder and CEO of Hoverlink Ontario Inc.

For more info, visit hoverlinkontario.com. 

Source: https://lakelandboating.com/take-a-hovercraft-across-lake-ontario-next-summer/

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