Six Iconic Harsens Island Cottages Destroyed by Fire

Six Iconic Harsens Island Cottages Destroyed by Fire

photo courtesy of the old club facebook

On March 8, a fire broke out on Harsens Island on Lake St. Clair, destroying six “candy colored” boardwalk cottages that were part of The Old Club, a historic resort and yacht club founded more than 150 years ago. Two additional homes also had extensive damage. No injuries were reported.

On Facebook, the club wrote: “The Old Club is devastated to see the most iconic and historic gems of Harsens Island, the candy colored boardwalk cottages that have stretched to the tip of the island for decades, succumb to destruction by fire… Six housing structures of historic significance that have long been family cottages were lost today. But, we intend to restore the property back to its historic charm.

The Old Club celebrated its 150th Anniversary last season and this unfortunate setback, while heartbreaking, will not deter us from continuing a century and a half of tradition.” The club is working with a team of environmental specialists to advise on clean up and to mitigate any environmental impacts of the fire.


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