SIONYX Nightwave Helps Guide Boaters at Night



Extend your boating time on the water this summer with SIONYX Nightwave, a first-of-its-kind marine camera system that allows mariners to navigate at night and easily spot hazards and debris in the water through a camera system utilizing a proprietary Black Silicon BSI CMOS sensor.

Rated IP67 waterproof, the camera system can be integrated with any vessel’s electronics and connect to mobile devices via Wi-Fi for an enhanced user experience including setting camera orientation and position.

Lightweight and portable, the Nightwave is the perfect solution to safe boating after hours.

“Developing solutions to increase safety on the water and navigate with confidence is part of our mission,” says Gio Lepore, global product manager at SIONYX. “Nightwave’s digital color night vision allows anglers and boaters to be active on the water as early or as late at night as they’d like. This technology provides clear color images in near-total darkness and is simple to install and operate. It should be a standard piece of equipment on every vessel to ensure a safe trip at any time.” 

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