Powerboat P1 USA Adds Nicandri To 2024 Marketing/Media Team

Powerboat P1 USA Adds Nicandri To 2024 Marketing/Media Team

The powerhouse marketer and organizer formerly behind the Suncoast Powerboat Grand Prix—now the Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix— in Southwest Florida, Lucy Nicandri is back in the offshore powerboat racing marketing and media-liaison business. Nicandri, who also will retain her longtime position as executive director of Sarasota-based Suncoast Charities for Children, has joined the Powerboat P1 USA team as its media and marketing officer.

Lucy Nicandri (second from right) brings significant experience in the offshore racing marketing and media world to her new role with Powerboat P1 USA.

“Lucy has done it for years and can do this job with her eyes closed, to be honest,” Azam Rangoonwala, the chief executive officer of United Kingdom-based Powerboat P1, told me yesterday during a late-afternoon meeting in his London office. “This not only includes ensuring that our events are marketed properly in the local markets but also liaising with the press and the teams to get as much coverage as possible through the season.”

As part of her role with Suncoast Charities, Nicandri managed much of the Sarasota event. The nonprofit organization stepped away from the races after the 2020 event, which meant Nicandri’s race-organizing and marketing responsibilities ended, and the Powerboat P1 team took over that role.

Not only does the longtime Sarasota local bring significant experience to her new position with Powerboat P1 USA, the is well-known within the offshore racing community.

Said Rangoonwala (captured here in his London headquarters, “Lucy could do this with her eyes closed, to be honest.”

“I’m extremely happy to be involved, especially after helping to organize the Sarasota Grand Prix for over 30 years as well as the Qatar Cup,” said Nicandri. “Of course, I will continue to work full-time as an executive director for Suncoast Charities for Children.

“As a subcontractor to P1, I look forward to working with all the teams, area convention and visitor bureaus and various local and regional media markets—many of whom I have worked with for years—to expand awareness and coverage of the sport, race teams, and for all the P1 race sites in the coming year,” she added.

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