Polaris Adventures Expanding Boat Rental Offering

Polaris Adventures Expanding Boat Rental Offering

Polaris Adventures is expanding boat rentals across its network, offering more opportunities for people to get out and enjoy the outdoors aboard a boat. Offering Bennington Pontoons, Godfrey Pontoons and Hurricane deck boats across its 35 locations that include Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin, customers can easily get out on the water and experience the Great Lakes seasonally typically May 15 through October 15 in Great Lakes locations.

“People’s desire for unique outdoor experiences, whether on sand, snow, dirt, road, or water, is driving the strong growth within the Polaris Adventures business,” says Vic Koelsch, Polaris senior vice president and chief digital and information officer. “By expanding marine rentals with Bennington and Godfrey pontoons and Hurricane deck boats at a growing number of locations, we’re helping more people experience Polaris’ portfolio of products and discover a new way to get outside.”

Half day or full day rentals are available through Polaris Adventures starting at $275. To learn more, visit adventures.polaris.com.

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