Performance Powerboats P 360 Catamaran No. 2 Home For The Holiday Weekend

Performance Powerboats P 360 Catamaran No. 2 Home For The Holiday Weekend

If you’re running on Lake St. Clair or the St. Clair River this Memorial Day weekend in Michigan, there’s a reasonable chance you could spy a new Performance Powerboats P 360 catamaran in the mix. The sultry 36-footer, which is powered by twin Mercury Racing 450R outboard engines, is the property of Jeff Rambow, who owns an industrial tool-prototyping company in the area.

A former V-bottom sportboat owner from Michigan, Jeff Rambow has his new Performance Powerboats P 360 catamaran in time for the Memorial Day weekend. Photos by Rob Rich copyright Performance Boat Center.

But this weekend won’t be the first time Rambow has been behind the wheel of his new prize. Earlier this month, he ran the cat in the Performance Boat Center Spring Fun Run at the Lake of the Ozarks. And though he left the boat with the multi-brand, full-service dealer in Osage Beach, Mo., for a few final tweaks before its delivery to his Michigan home, he’s eager to get back in the cockpit.

“It turned out amazing—I am at a total loss for words,” said Rambow, who previously owned a Cigarette Racing Team 39 Top Gun V-bottom. “All the guys at Performance Boat Center, including Johnny Bauer, Rob Rich and Greg Hillmer, did a fantastic job.”

Following this weekend’s outings, Rambow will haul his new 36-footer to Kentucky for the Kuttawa Cannonball Run June 2-3.

Like the first P 360 catamaran that went to owner Brian Campbell, Rambow’s boat was laid up at the Performance Boat Center-owned Performance Powerboats facility in Houston, Texas, which currently has 18-full-time employees. From there it was delivered to Performance Boat Center for paint, rigging and the installation of its Kutting Edge-produced interior.

The new cat was picture perfect at the Performance Boat Center Spring Fun Run earlier this month.

Bauer, who heads the Performance Powerboats brand, has been a busy man of late. And he couldn’t be happier about it after spending many months of securing and setting up the Texas facility.

“In our shop the other day at Performance Boat Center, we had a completed P 360, one in rigging and one ready to go paint,” he said. “For the first time, we had three Performance Powerboats P 360s on our property. It was so cool.”

While the first two P 360s were built with new deck No. 1, that element has undergone another slight revision and all future models will be built with the latest version. The build of the cat’s first 42-foot sibling dubbed the P 420 is in progress. According to Bauer, the Texas crew currently is installing bulkheads in hull No. 1 and produced the deck.

The Performance Boat Center team is hoping to have that model on display during the Lake of the Ozark Shootout in late August.

“I was talking to Rob (Rich), who has been doing an amazing job designing graphics for these boats, about that the other day,” Bauer said. “With painting and rigging and interior, it’s going to be tight. We’re going to be bumping into each other. But we’re going to try.”

For the moment—and a brief one at that—Bauer and company are thrilled to have delivered their second P 360 to its clearly grateful owner.

“Jeff actually took the time to gather thank-you cards for our department heads,” he said. “That was incredible.”

A trio of P 360 catamarans in various stages of completion recently graced the Performance Boat Center facility.

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