Outerlimits SC 37 Cat Snags Another Longtime V-Bottom Owner

Outerlimits SC 37 Cat Snags Another Longtime V-Bottom Owner

Bringing diehard V-bottom owners into the catamaran fold is becoming a habit for Dan Kleitz, the general manager of Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats in Bristol, R.I. He did it in early December with an SC 37 catamaran powered by twin Mercury Racing 450R outboard engines he sold to a once-devout V-bottom owner in Massachusetts to close out the year. Now he’s at it again with Joe Bresnahan of New Hampshire, who ordered another 37-footer with twin 450-hp outboards currently getting painted at Stephen Miles Design in Owensboro, Ky.

Almost out of paint at Stephen Miles Design, this Outerlimits SC 37 will the first catamaran for devoted V-bottom owner.

“This is my first cat,” said Bresnahan, who is 56 years old and has owned V-bottoms from Checkmate, Cigarette, Fountain, Sutphen and other builders. “I have been watching them and reading about them and I got excited about them.”

A moving and storage business owner, Bresnahan has a second home on the shores of New Hampshire’s Winnipesaukee, which enforces rigid noise ordinances.

“What drew me to cats was how quiet they are,” he explained. “Winnipesaukee has very strict noise restrictions—it is not decibel friendly place. You can’t take out a big, loud Cigarette in the morning. I figured with this little cat I can run 100 mph and no one will even notice me.”

Bresnahan went with fiery hues for the 37-footer.

For Bresnahan, the move to a catamaran began a few years ago at the Miami International Boat Show, where he met Kleitz and offshore racing legend Steve Curtis, who has helped Outerlimits develop its catamaran program. Curtis even took him out for a few demo rides and a little instruction.

“We have some great driving time together,” said Bresnahan. “Steve made me feel comfortable and taught me a few things about catamarans. He was great.

Stephen Miles and his crew applied the final layer clearcoat yesterday on the 37-footer and soon it will go to Outerlimits for installation of Kutting Edge cockpit interior and rigging of its 450R outboard engine. Throughout the painting process, Miles been in close contact with Bresnahan.

“That guy is so talented,” he said. “Steve sent me so many video and photos that I felt like I was in his garage. I have built a lot of boats, but I’ve never felt this included. And Dan has also been fantastic.”

Said Miles, “Joe is the salt of the earth. He’s just a super-nice guy who works really hard. And he’s great to work with.”

Bresnahan, “Steve sent me so many video and photos I felt like I was in his garage.”

For Bresnahan, the entire build process has been a treat. Though he could have found a less-expensive catamaran to buy, he is more-than-satisfied with his choice so far.

“Sometimes you pay for what you get,” he said, then chuckled. “I paid a little extra, but I got exactly what I wanted.”

But Bresnahan hasn’t completely abandoned V-bottoms. He stills owns a Cigarette 42X sportboat powered by twin Mercury Racing 860 engines. He and his wife, Karen, and their sons Joey and John—when available—plan to enjoy both boats on Lake Winnipesaukee .

“I will keep the Cigarette for my afternoon boating when the noise is a bit more accepted,” he said, then laughed. “We’ll have a ‘breakfast runner’ and a ‘lunch runner.’”

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