Outer Reef 740 Classic Deluxebridge Motoryacht

Outer Reef 740 Classic Deluxebridge Motoryacht

For the owner of the Outer Reef 740 Classic Deluxebridge Motoryacht, adventure and seaworthiness were a must—high levels of custom tailoring were a happy byproduct.

For the owner of the Outer Reef 740 Classic Deluxebridge Motoryacht, adventure and seaworthiness were a must—high levels of custom tailoring were a happy byproduct.

Though yachts are often massive pieces of machinery, it is sometimes the very smallest detail that can grab you. At 73 feet, 8 inches, the Outer Reef Yachts 740 Classic Deluxebridge Motoryacht is nearly as long as her model name, and she displaces a decidedly Rubenesque 141,000 pounds. She’s also replete with design choices that will keep her guests safe, comfortable and happy. But the thing that stuck with me the most after I toured her at the 2021 Ft. Lauderdale boat show was an 8-inch by 8-inch chunk of nothing.

As I took in the 740’s amidship master with Outer Reef President and CEO Jeff Druek, I noticed a small cutaway in the bottom of the door leading to the walk-in closet.

“What’s that?” I asked, jabbing a finger at the empty space.

“That,” Druek replied, with a minor dramatic pause for effect, “is a cat door. The cat died two weeks before delivery, but the door’s still there.” He finished with the no-nonsense delivery of the Long Island businessman that he is: “The owner needs a new cat.”

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Susan Swope does indeed need a new cat, but she’s too focused on falling in love with her boat. “That cat door, I think it’s a good indication of what Outer Reef can do for you,” she says. “They’ll really do anything. And I think part of that comes from Jeff’s past as a homebuilder. He really understands how to make people comfortable on board, and how to give them what they want.”

The other things Swope wanted were both numerous and particular, and she got them all. She and her family like to dive, and they view the new yacht as a platform that will help them get to the next level of expertise with their Scuba tanks on. “We expanded the swim platform, and we call it the ‘Sports Swim Platform’ because it’s humongous,” she says. “And we put a Brownie’s Third Lung [tankless dive system] in, and there’s a custom cabinet in the back that will hold that plus about eight tanks. I’m a novice diver but I’m looking forward to improving my skillset.”

One skillset that Swope is currently topped off on though, is boat driving. She is coming out of an Outer Reef 610 that was owner-operated and has shed that bug for now. “I loved my 610, but it’s for owner-operators and I wanted a crew, so I went bigger,” she says. “The truth of the matter is I don’t really have the desire to run a boat that big. I grew up with boats and I can operate them, but I don’t have the desire to have that in my repertoire right now. I just want to be along for the ride.”

One excellent place to enjoy that ride is at the upper Portuguese bridge, where there’s a small table with seating that’s perfect for coffee or a cocktail as the Outer Reef sails the ocean blue. It’s an “upper” Portuguese bridge because there are actually two of them; a second lower one provides aegis for the main deck. This multi-leveled barrier from the ocean’s wrath is a good indicator of just how seaworthy this vessel is.

But protection comes in more than one form. For Swope, the enclosed bridge deck was an important choice as well. “This boat spoke to me because I’m a redhead,” she says. “Melanoma runs in the family, and I love the outdoors but I don’t need to sit in the sun. So the skylounge was perfect for that, plus it makes the boat feel much bigger, since you get the full galley below because the enclosed helm is up top.”

However, the 740 isn’t simply a tank built for battling the elements. She’s here for the party, too. To that end, Swope was having a $95,000 custom sound system by Tech Savvy installed at the time I interviewed her. She’s looking forward to blasting Zac Brown Band over the speakers as her new boat takes her to ports unknown. She’ll be sitting on that Portuguese bridge, sipping some delicious drink and maybe even stroking a brand-new kitten in her lap.

Outer Reef 740 Specifications:

LOA: 73’8”
Beam: 18’6”
Draft: 5’3”
Displ.: 141,000 lbs.
Fuel: 2,000 gal.
Water: 400 gal.
Cruise Speed: 12 knots
Max Speed: 19 knots
Power: 2/500-hp John Deere 6090s; 2/476-hp Caterpillar C9.3s

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