Ott Defoe – Featured on Bass Edge Radio Podcast | Bass Angler Magazine

Ott Defoe – Featured on Bass Edge Radio Podcast | Bass Angler Magazine
Ott Defoe Featured on Bass Edge Radio Podcast

Ott Defoe was interviewed on the Bass Edge Radio podcast by Kurt Dove and Arron Marten, discussing both late fall bass fishing techniques. Let’s break down the key points from the conversation:

1. Late Fall Bass Fishing:

– Following baitfish movements is crucial during late fall to locate bass. Ott Defoe likely emphasized the importance of understanding baitfish patterns to find active bass.
– Ott mentioned his preference for using jerkbaits and small swimbaits during late fall. These lures can imitate natural forage and entice bass in cooler water temperatures.

Rapala Otts Garage OG Crankbait

2. Crankbaits:

– Kurt Dove delved into Ott Defoe’s insights regarding crankbaits. They might have discussed the effective use of flat-sided shallow running crankbaits, which are sometimes overlooked but can be highly effective, especially in specific conditions or during certain periods of late fall.

3. Thoughts on MLF Organizational Changes:

– Ott also shared brief thoughts on the Major League Fishing (MLF) organizational changes expected for the 2024 tournament season and beyond.

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