New Video! In The Lead With Mark Morris—A Man Of Limitless Visual Imagination

New Video! In The Lead With Mark Morris—A Man Of Limitless Visual Imagination

You don’t have to meet Mark Morris, the humble and hard-working founder of Visual Imagination in Peculiar, Mo., to admire his talent. But it’s a nice bonus if you do because he’s a gentle soul with a desert-dry sense of humor, and he’s just plain fun to be around.

Check out the latest YouTube documentary—In The Lead with Mark Morris of Visual Imagination—by clicking this link or the image above.

The guy responsible for the paintjob of the 44-foot Speed Racer MTI catamaran—arguably the only “theme boat” to truly stand the test of time—is the same former professional motocross racer who’ll handily whip your ass at ping-pong or pool, all the while graciously making excuses for your inferior game.

Because Morris is, after all, a gentleman, the same one who created his own hue of green to use when he painted Lickity Split, a mind-blowing DCB Performance Marine M35 Widebody catamaran covered extensively on this website during the build process.

From the back-in-the-day standout Monopoly Black Thunder V-bottom owned by Randy Kent, who also owned Speed Racer, to the Spooled Up DCB and MTI catamarans owned by the Hargreaves family, Morris has designed and executed some of the most vivid and detailed powerboat paintjobs in history. When it comes to creating three-dimensional images with an airbrush, no one can match him.

The carbon-fiber look executed in paint, the one you see all over the place these days? Morris pioneered it.

The guy even his own proprietary blend of clear coat. And in his spare time, he handled all the woodwork in the lovely home he shares with his wife, Laura. When he wants to go to work, which is close to always, his massive paint shop is less than 1,000 feet from his doorstep.

You may never get to meet Mark Morris. But through this new Speed On The Water/Scrapyard Media video, you may just get to know him a little.

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