New Research Analyzes Wakesurfing Impact to Shoreline

A new peer-reviewed paper from the Journal of Water Resource and Protection titled “Numerical Study of the Impact of Wake Surfing on Inland Bodies of Water” found wakesurfing at least 200 feet from shore in water with a depth of at least 10 feet posed minimal impact to the environment. The research further found boat wakes have little impact on shoreline compared to wind waves.

“The recreational boating industry has long focused its efforts on proactive education for consumers and boat operators that maintain the health of our waterways, protect our ecosystems, and ensure the safety of everyone on the water,” says David Dickerson, vice president of state government relations at the National Marine Manufacturers Association. “This latest research from renowned researcher Cotty Fay stresses the importance of wake surfers maintaining a 200 foot setback from shorelines and docks, while operating in water of at least 10 feet of depth.”

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