New AquaSport Flagship Features Avikus NeuBoat

New AquaSport Flagship Features Avikus NeuBoat

Avikus NeuBoat autonomous navigation technology will be offered standard on AquaSport’s new flagship AS28 for the 2025 model year. Designed to be the next generation of fishing boat, the AS28 offers a comfortable interior, higher fuel capacity and the latest technological advances — including Avikus’ AI-powered technology that delivers advanced navigation and docking assist.

“Avikus’ NeuBoat has already been adopted by boat builders around the world and we are grateful to AquaSport for the foresight in joining this technological revolution,” says Lim Do-hyeong, CEO of Avikus. “By integrating our cameras and LIDAR sensors into their hardtop mold for the new flagship model, shows a commitment to award-winning innovation. We are confident that new AquaSport owners will be thrilled with the superior situational awareness that NeuBoat Dock provides.”

AquaSport offers various levels of Avikus’ Advanced Driving Assist features, including NeuBoat Dock with 360-degree situational awareness, fully integrated camera packs and Neuboat Navi, with front facing camera and integrated lidar. The system will begin shipping in the beginning of 2025.

 “We’re very happy with this first example of what Avikus can provide for our vessels and for our customers,” adds Joseph Visconti, president of AquaSport Boats. “The AS28 is paving the way for an entirely new era in aquatic adventures, and we’re looking forward to the integration of Avikus technology in our upcoming models.”

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