MTI At 25: History Made In New Speed On The Water Mercury Racing Midwest Challenge Video – Speed on the Water

MTI At 25: History Made In New Speed On The Water Mercury Racing Midwest Challenge Video – Speed on the Water

For this week’s MTI At 25 article, we’re asking that you leave this website—after you finish the next few paragraphs please—and go check out the new Speed On The Water video produced by our colleagues at Scrapyard Media focusing on last month’s Midwest Challenge, which took place in Sheboygan, Wis., and featured two days of action-packed competition between Mercury Racing-powered offshore and tunnel boats.

Caleb Mead, 16, and Shaun Torrente, 44, of MF Racing are never going to forget racing their MTI 390XR 450R Factory Stock-class raceboat at the momentous Mercury Racing-presented Midwest Challenge. Photo by Brad DiMaggio/courtesy Scrapyard Media

Amongst the teams in the three offshore racing classes that were invited to the race celebrating Mercury Racing’s 50th anniversary, the Wentzville, Mo.-based Marine Technology Inc., backed three of the four MTI catamarans in the promising outboard-engine-powered 450R Factory Stock class and had a team racing an MTI in Class 1 and another team racing one in Super Stock. It ended being quite the showcase for MTI, which is also celebrating a milestone anniversary—No. 25—this year.

With that in mind, we decided the historic event—at least within the performance boat community—was worth exploring and producing a video for our blossoming YouTube channel. Following videos on the M CON Racing team’s Class 1 Skater Powerboats catamaran build, a couple of In The Lead episodes with industry icons, Jeff Harris and Steve Curtis, and an insightful recap of the popular Boyne Thunder Poker Run in Michigan, we’re excited to add the MTI Racing Meets The Mercury Racing Midwest Challenge video to the mix.

And we have a handful of amazing sponsors to thank for the channel’s latest content—MTI, CTS Custom Trailers, Shaun Torrente Racing and TNT Custom Marine. Of course, Mercury Racing deserves some special recognition for creating the entire program with assistance from the production teams at Powerboat P1 and F1 Powerboat Championship.

Click the video thumbnail image above to watch the MTI Racing Meets The Mercury Racing Midwest Challenge video.

Both the Speed On The Water and Scrapyard Media teams were honored to play a small part in such a momentous occasion for this sport. We hope you enjoy the finished product and will share your feedback on in the comments section and share the video with your friends.

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