Mercury Racing 400R Outboard

Mercury Racing 400R Outboard

Mercury Racing’s new V10 400R outboard
Mercury Racing’s new V10 400R outboard. Courtesy Mercury Racing

The Wide Open gang at Mercury Racing kicked off its 50th Anniversary celebration at the Miami International Boat Show with the introduction of an all-new V10 400R outboard model. This motor will replace the supercharged 2.6-liter L6 400R, a model that may be the best-selling outboard in the brand’s history. The new V10 appears to be a very worthy successor.

Though it shares its basic design with the Mercury V10 Verado that debuted in December, 2022, the Mercury Racing 400R is a rather different beast. The normally aspirated V10 5.7-liter powerhead shares the architecture of Mercury V8 4.6-liter models, with the same cylinder bore and stroke, quad cam heads and 64-degree cylinder angle.

Mercury Racing 400R outboards
Mercury Racing 400R outboards performing. These outboards mount on 26-inch centers. Courtesy Mercury Racing

This creates the narrow profile that permits 26-inch center-to-center mounting on multi-engine transoms. With a minimum dry weight of 695 pounds, the V10 400R weighs about 27 pounds more than the 2.6-liter 400R. The V10 400R will be available in four lengths – 20″, 25″, 30″ and 35″ – to accommodate any single or multi-engine performance application.

Mercury Racing 400R gearcase
The Mercury Racing 400R is available with either the Sport Master surface-piercing gearcase or 5.44 HD gearcase. Courtesy Mercury Racing

The most obvious difference between the V10 Verado models and the 400R is in gearcase selection. Instead of the new 6.4-inch-diameter gear case and Revolution X propellers featured on the Verado, the Mercury Racing chose to stick with its own race-proven Sport Master and  5.44 HD gearcase options. The Sport Master is a surface-piercing design intended for boats capable of exceeding 85 mph, while the 5.44 HD gearcase option is intended for multi-engine performance center console boats that require a more-submerged gearcase and benefit from added stern lift. Both gearcase options feature a 1.60:1 gear ratio. Both of the Merc Racing gearcase options produce less drag at high speeds than the larger 6.4-inch gearcase, and can be rigged with a variety of high-performance propellers to best match the boat dynamics. The V10 Verado models may be the better choice for very large and heavy day cruisers and center consoles, simply because of the enormous blade area offered by its exclusive Revolution X prop.

Mercury Racing has tuned up the V10 powerhead with a proprietary 92mm throttle body and tuned intake designed to maximize airflow and power, an exclusive heavy-duty throttle body servo motor and a Mercury Racing fuel pressure sensor for precise fueling under acceleration. The result is much snappier throttle response than the Verado, and a bit more peak power – we are guessing about 415 hp. A 6000-6600 WOT RPM range (200 more rpm than the V10 Verado) enhances peak horsepower and provides a broad window for propping. Transient Spark Technology digitally adjusts spark timing to optimize low-end, hole-shot torque without sacrificing top-end horsepower. Advanced Range Optimization utilizes electronic sensors to precisely adjust the fuel mixture for the best-possible efficiency at all speeds. We think its pretty amazing that this much performance is produced on readily available 87 octane fuel.

Mercury Racing 400R outboard
The Mercury Racing 400R outboard weighs in at a minimum 695 pounds and comes in 20-, 25-, 30-, and 35-inch shaft lengths. Courtesy Mercury Racing

The Mercury Racing version of the Advanced MidSection (AMS) supports and isolates the V10 400R with precision-fitted heavy-duty guide plates and stiffened engine mounts tuned to stabilize the engine for enhanced high-speed handling. An optional rear tie-bar bracket integral to the Racing AMS provides a strong, ultra-light mounting point for rigging catamaran and other ultra-high-speed applications. A 150 amp alternator delivers more than twice the charging power of the L6 400R system. Electro-hydraulic power steering is available now, with a new electric steering system standard later this year on all JPO-equipped (Joystick Piloting for Outboards) boats.

Pricing for the V10 400R starts at $45,845 with a standard three-year warranty. Color options include Phantom Black or Cold Fusion White with Devil Eye Red trim. For boaters planning a custom paint application, the V10 400R is also available “ready for paint” in Phantom Black with no applied graphics or trim panel. Graphics and an application mask are included for installation after custom painting.

Mercury Racing Ventera propeller
Mercury Racing’s Ventera Propeller is engineered to carry more load, with greater efficiency at high speeds and in semi-surfacing applications. Courtesy Mercury Racing

New Mercury Racing Ventera Propeller

The new four-blade stainless steel Mercury Racing Ventera propeller, developed as a successor to the popular Revolution 4 XP prop. Ventera is engineered specifically to carry more load with greater efficiency at high speeds and in semi-surfacing applications, especially when paired with Mercury Racing V10 400R and V8 450R outboards equipped with the 5.44 HD gearcase. Blade diameter is increased from 14.625 inches to 15 inches. The all-new blade profile is thickened at strategic points to increase durability without sacrificing acceleration. The Ventera propeller is available in half-inch increments from 18 to 27.5 pitch for precise tuning of any application. The Ventera is offered as a Mercury Racing Pro Finished model ($1,325) or with the race-spec perfection of a Mercury Racing Lab Finished propeller ($1,720).

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