Marcel Dubois of Princecraft Dies

Marcel Dubois of Princecraft Dies

Editor’s Note: The Boating staff extends condolences to Team Princecraft and the Dubois family in this time of mourning for boating industry innovator, Marcel Dubois. The following statement is from Princecraft.

Marcel Dubois
For Dubois, Princecraft was a true culmination of his career and a
part of himself.

Courtesy Princecraft

It is with heavy hearts and profound sadness that today we announce the passing of a cherished member of the Princecraft family. Marcel Dubois, an iconic figure of the company, left us this Wednesday, May 15th, at the age of 76, after succumbing to a battle with cancer.

Marcel Dubois was an integral part of the company for decades and remained deeply attached to Princecraft® to this day. For him, Princecraft represented much more than just a business; it was the result of his tireless efforts for over 25 years, a true culmination of his career and a part of himself.

Marcel began his career with the company in 1982. At that time, he worked for Alcan, which owned Princecraft, but the company seemed to stagnate, without prospects for growth.

In 1985, Marcel Dubois and Jacques Daneault both worked for the company. At that time, as Alcan sought to divest Princecraft, they seized the opportunity and personally acquired the company, giving birth to Produits Nautiques Altra. At that moment, the two men did not fully grasp the challenges ahead. However, looking back at Princecraft®’s history today, it is undeniable that they succeeded in their endeavor.

Princecraft®, a Quebec SME, has revolutionized the market for aluminum watercraft in North America. It was thanks to Marcel and Jacques that the first square-chine aluminum boats were introduced to the market, with the sole aim of conquering the latter. Due to limited resources, the two men were never able to patent this new design, which quickly brought their innovation to the attention of the competition. Also in 1985, Princecraft® launched a new line of pontoons, followed seven years later by the introduction of the deck boat.

Marcel has done remarkable work that has propelled Princecraft® to the renowned brand status we know today. He had a clear vision: to create a successful marine business, all from Princeville. He put all his heart and energy into this company, as well as into the well-being of his employees. For him, providing employment opportunities to people through his work was his top priority.

Marcel retired in the fall of 2008, after more than 25 years of service. He worked hard to ensure that Princecraft® became a strong and innovative company in its field. He has invested thousands of hours in the company to ensure unparalleled sustainability for the brand. Princecraft® was undoubtedly a huge part of his life and we will always be grateful for everything he accomplished during his career. Marcel leaves us an exceptional legacy that will continue to guide our actions and our vision for years to come.

Aside from his commitment to Princecraft®, Marcel has been involved in the community for more than 40 years, whether as president of the board of directors of the Hôtel-Dieu d’Arthabaska, involved in various organizations such as as the CIUSS-MCQ, the Bois-Francs and Maple Chamber of Commerce, and several others. He was a pillar of the health community in the Bois-Francs and Érable region. Indeed, from 1992 to 2004, he directed the Hôtel-Dieu hospital in Arthabaska, then continued his involvement from 2004 to 2015 with the CSSS d’Arthabaska-et-de-l’Érable. He then served the CIUSSS de la Mauricie-et-du-Centre-du-Québec, first as a board member from 2015 to 2018, then as Chairman of the Board until 2021. He played a crucial role in the realization of several healthcare projects in the region, including the expansion of the Hôtel-Dieu d’Arthabaska. He was a man with a big heart, driven by the desire to give back to his community. His legacy within the community will continue to live on through the numerous projects and improvements he initiated.

Therefore, it is with great difficulty that we attempt to find the words to express the profound sadness accompanying this terrible news. We wish to take a moment to extend our deepest condolences to Marcel’s family and friends during this challenging time.

Rest assured that a ceremony will be held in his honor, and we will communicate all the details as soon as we have them.

The Princecraft® team

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