Kewaunee Lighthouse Added to National Register of Historic Places


The Kewaunee Pierhead Lighthouse in Kewaunee, Wisconsin, was finally added to the National Register of Historic Places after its third attempt for the distinction. Originally built as a fog signal building at the entry to the port of Kewaunee in 1909, the building was converted to a lighthouse in 1931, when the lantern was relocated from another lighthouse built south of the pierhead in 1891.

It was granted status on the National Register due to its architecture, engineering and historic contribution to maritime transportation in the area. Sitting four stories high, the lighthouse still includes its original two story fog signal building, and has been guiding mariners on Lake Michigan for decades. 

It is the last significant lighthouse on Lake Michigan to be approved, reports Great Lakes Echo, and in addition to its placement on the register, it has also received $270,000 from a larger grant to assist in restoration work of the building.

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