Jeremy Dehart discusses the future of the Wild West Bass Trail

Wild West Bass Trail owner talks about the APEX trail outlook and the future of his business.


Jeremy Dehart takes some time to go over the future of the Wild West Bass trail including the Apex Tour, the Kayak series and the youth devision. We discuss some of the hurdles this next year will bring with DFG having to make some changes at Clearlake. The low water situation in the West and how it will effect next season. He talks about the success of the youth devision and the Kayak series. We discuss he future of the APEX tour and when the latest invites will announce their intentions for the new season.

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About Wild West Bass Trail/APEX Pro Tour

The Wild West Bass Trail (WWBT) is the first and only exclusive west coast Pro level Tournament series to be televised in its entirety. WWBT delivers multiple opportunities to showcase the talents of western anglers on a professional platform, all while providing the highest payback in the industry.

As WWBT continues to provide and refine a platform of elite events for competitive anglers, it simultaneously creates a logical avenue for sponsors to have direct contact with customers. Wild West is dedicated to creating a complete package of advertising opportunities including on-site activation, internet/social media, and television series that reach a large number of viewers each day.

Tournament events include Televised APEX PRO TOUR events, opens, college teams, pro teams, pro/ams, and the new Pro Cup format. Televised Pro/Am Championship can be viewed on the Pursuit Channel, Outdoor Action TV and YouTube.  Learn more about WWBT and APEX PRO TOUR at Wild West Bass Facebook,, Twitter, and Instagram.

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